Around the World in Two and a Half Weeks

A roundup of CJR's coverage since #hackgate imploded

July 22

What The Guardian Can Learn from Watergate Coverage
On the importance of making the “right” mistakes
By Craig Silverman

CNN, Piers Morgan, and the Hacking Scandal
Questions raised about primetime anchor’s tenure as a tabloid editor
By Ryan Chittum

July 21

Audit Notes: Ex-Execs Flip, Rupert’s Management, Daily Show
Rupert and Co. claim they knew nothing
By Ryan Chittum

July 20

The Murdoch Pushback: Attacking the Press
Pathetic attempts to play down the scandal fall flat before the facts
By Ryan Chittum

The Newspaper that Said “No” to Murdoch
Thirty years ago, the Buffalo Courier-Express took a stand
By Celia Viggo Wexler

Murdoch, “Humble,” in Global Headlines
Front pages from around the world
By Liz Cox Barrett

Audit Notes: The Murdochs at Parliament, In the Journal, and Via Fox News
Murdoch’s media covers the scandal
By Ryan Chittum

July 19

The Audit on NPR
Talking about Murdochs, News Corp., NotW, etc.
By Dean Starkman

NOTW and the FCPA
Experts and pundits weigh in on a US prosecution of News Corp.
By Erika Fry

In Other Angles: Blame Brooks’s “Big Hair”
The London Evening Standard: “Big hair cannot be ignored.”
By Liz Cox Barrett

July 18

Murdoch’s Journal, Joe Nocera, and Fox-ification
The paper has slipped, but don’t give up on it yet
By Ryan Chittum

The News Corp. Scandal is a Triumph for Investigative Reporting
Expensive, time-consuming, risky, stressful—and indispensable
By Dean Starkman

The Real Rupert Murdoch Exposed
News Corp.’s attempts to quell #hackgate
By Felix Salmon

July 15

Chaos at Dow Jones is the Bancrofts’ Legacy
Family says they wouldn’t have sold WSJ
By Dean Starkman

July 14

The Mirror’s Dodgy “9/11 Hacking” Story
A piece that triggers an FBI probe reports no actual hacking and its information is third-hand
By Dean Starkman

July 13

Forget Regulating the Press. Enforce the Law.
Demonizing the press misses the heart of the problem
By Dean Starkman

July 11

News Corp.: Barometer Rising
“Some of the activity clearly was illegal.”
By Dean Starkman

Kurtz: Let He Who is Without…
Hacking is “just an extreme example”
By Liz Cox Barrett

Bad Parent
Reading The Wall Street Journal’s hamstrung coverage of its owner, News Corp.
By Dean Starkman

July 8

What Damage Could Rebekah Brooks Do to News Corp.?
Keeping her on is in their best interest
By Felix Salmon

Les Hinton, Translating Murdoch Jr., UK Tabloid Culture
Murdoch Jr.: “Having consulted senior colleagues…” The Guardian: “Doesn’t this mean, ‘Dad says … ‘?”
By Ryan Chittum

Another Guardian Scoop: Destruction of Evidence at News Corp.
Millions of emails go missing
By Ryan Chittum

The Audit TV: Murdoch Hacking Scandal
NotW scandal is the super bowl of media criticism
By Ryan Chittum

Accountability, News Corp. Style
Those with responsibility escape it
By Dean Starkman

July 7

This Is How the World ends…
A cynical and fitting sacrifice for the News of The World
By Archie Bland

A Young Rupert Murdoch in Britain, Via the BBC Archives
Adam Curtis pulls fascinating archival footage that shows the tycoon on his way up
By Ryan Chittum

Also Exposed by The Guardian: Murdoch’s Grip on U.K.’s Elites
And it isn’t pretty
By Ryan Chittum

News Corporation Hacking Scandal Edition
The Guardian and The WSJ cover NotW
By Ryan Chittum

Water keeps rising in NOTW scandal
Revelations abound
By Clint Hendler

July 6

News of the World and U.S. Media Culture
How would this have gone down in America?
By Ryan Chittum

Audit Notes: Rein In Rupert, “The Age of Greed”, Bartlett on Thatcher
The scandal of many angles
By Ryan Chittum

July 5th

News Corp. and Murdoch Swamped By Hacking Scandal News
Revelations come fast and furious in the twenty-four hours after a Guardian bombshell
By Ryan Chittum

The Hack that Broke the Camel’s Back
A long-running investigation finally catches people’s attention
By Alysia Santo

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