Even Larry King Wednesday night managed to squeeze a question about BotchedJokeGate into his 9 p.m. sit-down with Katie Couric, asking Couric at one point, “What do you make of the John Kerry thing?” (And if you actually care about her response, we’re going to let you Nexis it yourself.)

At 10 p.m., Anderson Cooper chimed in: “Round two — Kerry says he’s sorry, but slams the GOP again. With Democrats distancing themselves from him, could this be the surprise the Republicans have been hoping for?” After an update from John King the conscientious Cooper got back to business: “Sadly, as the debate and the finger-pointing continues, so does the death toll. Here’s the sobering ‘Raw Data.’ The Pentagon said an American soldier was killed in Iraq today. Since the war began, 2,819 U.S. troops have died. More than 21,000 American service members have been wounded….”

But just so things didn’t get too sober on CNN, even the fine hosts of the network’s 11 p.m. program, Showbiz Tonight, managed to weave a mention of BotchedJokeGate into their packed lineup of celebrity news Wednesday night — specifically, that two hosts of ABC’s talk showThe View “duke[d] it out” over “the controversy over Senator John Kerry`s comments.” Explained Showbiz Tonight“s Sibilia Vargas, “Now, I don`t know if you`re watching, but things got very heated on The View this morning when the conversation turned to one of the biggest stories out there leading up to the elections.”

However did this become “one of the biggest stories out there leading up to the elections?”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.