Those misses included dance critic Sarah Kaufman’s winning work in the Criticism category, the Dallas Morning News’ award-winning team in the Editorial Writing category, self-syndicated Editorial Cartooning category winner Mark Fiore for his work for, the winning Feature Photography work of the Denver Post’s Craig F. Walker, and Mary Chind’s award-winning Breaking News Photography for the Des Moines Register – as well as Breaking News Photography finalist, the Associated Press photo staff for their coverage of the war in Afghanistan. But our former staffer, Megan Garber, did note the lack of a good descriptive term for Capt. Chesley Sullenberger’s now-famous Hudson River landing of US Airways flight 1549 - and chastised cable news’s breathless coverage of the landing as a “crash”. It turns out the best way to describe the plane’s harrowing fall from the sky wasn’t with words, but with images, which was what clinched the other finalist berth in the Breaking News Photography category for the New York Daily News photo staff. Well done, all.

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Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.