DM: Hmm. The best? I know we get an awful lot about hydrogen fuel cells and cars. People like to ask about cars. People are skeptical about hydrogen: “Where are we going to get all the water for fuel cells?” and “What are we going to do with all of the water that spews out of the tailpipe?” and “Isn’t hydrogen what exploded the Hindenburg?” — you know, stuff like that. I think they’re thoughtful questions. They’re the things that are on people’s minds — especially that Hindenburg thing. Hydrogen has that reputation, which is sort of unfair, because it wasn’t the hydrogen in the Hindenburg that started the fire; it was an oil-based skin that caused it. But I think that’s one of the big questions that people have on their minds when they think about fuel cells — they think about the Hindenburg.

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Curtis Brainard writes on science and environment reporting. Follow him on Twitter @cbrainard.