“If I were an editor right now, I would report the hell out of environmental news,” Jones said. “If you want to demonstrate to a community that you care about their welfare, report on air and water. Because people care about what affects them. The idea that they need a newspaper to tell them this is important for them to realize and important for newspapers to demonstrate.

And to readers concerned about preserving the future and quality of newspapers, Jones had a call to action:

“If you don’t pay for a subscription to a newspaper, your local newspaper, go out and pay for one. Buy a subscription to a newspaper. And then write a letter to the editor and say to the editor, ‘Look, I’m one of your customers. I’m willing to support you. I’m willing to giving you a shot at proving to me that it’s worth it to be your supporter and demonstrate that support by buying this subscription. But your part of this deal is you give me news. I. Want. News. I don’t want T-ball coverage, I want news. I don’t want Britney Spears, I want news. I don’t want just wire copy, I want news. I want you tell me what’s going on in my town, what’s really happening. That’s my deal with you. I’ll support you, that’s your part of the bargain.’”

Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.