10. Obama’s Lobbyist Line: Trudy Lieberman examined what Barack Obama really meant when he said he wasn’t going to take any money from lobbyists.

9. Bubble Trouble: Megan Garber on how, as of April, the recession had yet to be profoundly felt in Washington, D.C.

8. The Inestimable Popular Vote Estimates: Clint Hendler on how to account for different popular vote counts.

7. Secrets of the City: Lawrence Lanahan’s January/February 2008 cover story on the television series The Wire.

6. Hey, ‘Gotcha’! Caughtcha!: Megan Garber announces the release of ‘GotchaWare,’ a tool to catch journalists who insist on posing tough questions to politicians.

5. The McCain-Hagee Connection: Zachary Roth wondered why John McCain’s connection to controversial minster John Hagee wasn’t getting more press.

4. The 15,000: Justin Peters reported from Denver on what, exactly, 15,000 journalists were doing at the Democratic National Convention.

3. What Can You Buy for $700 Billion?: Megan McGinley examined exactly what you could buy for 700 billion dollars.

2. “Attacking” McCain’s Military Record: Zachary Roth slammed those commentators who said that Wesley Clark’s criticisms of John McCain’s presidential qualifications were out of bounds.

1. Army Alters Photographs, Issues Them To AP: Megan McGinley reported that the Department of Defense had digitally photographs of two dead soldiers before issuing them to the AP.

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