They can’t be so naïve to believe this - to both imagine there is no spin or obfuscation, and that there is no political motivation beating in the hearts of reporters. The only other reason then for swatting away at what are actually - to be honest here - fairly powerless bloggers, is that they are genuinely scared. It’s not that blogs have brought a new politicization of the coverage. White House briefings, for example, have always been charged with politics. After all, it is the president’s version of events trying to beat out the others. What blogs bring is scrutiny. There is more of it. And this is what unites a David Gregory and a Tony Snow. They are being watched and picked apart by that many more millions of eyes. And this means journalists have to be more careful, choose their words more wisely, make their questions smarter and more aggressive. Press secretaries, for their part, have been forced to more quickly address criticism, answer questions more clearly than they have in the past, and be more accountable for flip-flops and lies.

Now, remind us again, what’s wrong with that?

Gal Beckerman is a former staff writer at CJR.