For now, though, if you’re skeptical about the value of checklists, consider this: when flight 1549 lost both engines shortly after takeoff a few weeks ago, the co-pilot started going through an “engine restart checklist.” He also had a “ditching checklist” onboard for that exact situation.

Yet more evidence that checklists work.

Correction of the Week

“In last week’s column about photographing snowflakes, I said I was delighted to learn about the delightful word “groppel,” meaning little globs of ice that form on snowflakes.

A couple of readers promptly noted that the word might have seemed novel to me because it’s actually “graupel,” a German term transported into English.

As an ironic addition, a particularly astute reader (who didn’t leave her name on my answering machine, or I’d give her a tip of the hat) pointed out that the term had been described in The Telegraph’s Weather Trivia on Monday, two days before the column ran.

And it was spelled correctly!” – Nashua Telegraph


“Frankie Vaughan was not celebrating his 81st birthday yesterday. The singing legend died in September 1999 (Page 37, February 3).” – The Mirror (U.K)

Parting Shot

“Vice-regal vicissitude: Last June we showed a lack of excellence by changing Australia’s first female Governor-General Quentin Bryceinto a man, calling her Mr Bryce. Now we’ve also managed to change the sex of Canada’s Governor-General, Michaelle Jean. Her Excellency Mme Jean is a she, not a he as we published in late editions of the paper (Canada crisis adds fear to Labor hopes, Opinion, page 21, February 4). The error was made during the editing process.” – The West Australian

Correction: In the original version of this article, an accidental misspelling gave the impression that the Detroit Free Press was actually called the Detrout Free Press. It is not. CJR regrets the error.

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