CJR Audio: Mort Rosenblum on Foreign Reporting

The editor of Dispatches speaks at Columbia

On February 5, Mort Rosenblum, the editor of Dispatches magazine, spoke at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. The former Associated Press foreign correspondent established the quarterly journal in hopes of devoting each issue to “a crucial topic in its full context, with seasoned writers whose experience is firsthand and with photographers who have shown an exceptional ability to capture human reality.”

Despite his years of reporting for various publications, Rosenblum says Dispatches has a unconventional approach: “We’re not really a magazine,” he said. “We’re really sort a press club with an open bar where you can smoke and swear. … We just say, ‘Head that way and tell us what you find.’ We’re a collection of long-form stuff put together.”

The complete lecture is available here.

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