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The Newest Trend: ‘Rogue’-ing

Megan Garber’s decidedly defiant take on Sarah Palin’s “sexist” Newsweek cover generated a high volume of responses on everything from Palin’s reception in the media, to the evaluation of “sexism” in our culture, to the “relevancy” of a few choice news outlets.

“I cannot stand Sarah Palin’s politics, and think her rise to national prominence reflects badly on the state of our society, and even on journalism.

“That said, I really like the way she is so healthy and outdoorsy. This cover, and her Runner’s World article, were refreshing. It’s one thing about her I admire.

“Signed, a very liberal man.”


“Daisy Dukes? Are you kidding?

“These shorts are nowhere near being “too” short. They hit just above mid-thigh (nice mid-thighs, I may add) and bear no resemblance whatsoever to the cheeky cutoff denim shorts worn by Barbara Bach in the “Dukes of Hazard” television show.”


“I’m fascinated that there’s so little discussion about the downslide of Newsweek since the arrival of its new editor. The magazine’s focus is veering toward a tabloid-style outlet, such as the recent cover headline, ‘Is Your Baby Racist?’ The mag also is becoming loudly and unapologetically slanted to the left, as if the head staffers think they’re competitors are The Nation, Slate or The New Republic…. C’mon, politics aside, it this what you really signed up for in journalism school? This isn’t about sexism at all. Palin just uses that to shore up the base and complain that there’s a left-leaning mainstream media. And, clearly, Newsweek will be happy to sell as many magazines as possible — whether it’s the Palin-hater who buys or the 13 goofs who’d actually buy a news mag because a pretty lady’s legs are shown off.

“Does every damn news outlet have to turn into a reflection of the cheerleading or derision on Fox News or MSNBC? It’s just so damn hard to be a journalist these days when just about everyone at home is trying to determine which political ‘team’ you’re shilling for.”
–Meg Garbles

“What an immature, cop-out of a cover. It’s an insulting, cheap shot. She said she would have never agreed to work with you had she known how she’d be portrayed. Show some respect. We all know you’re biased, but do you have to be so obvious? In your confined, media world you are amongst friends. But people like myself (an east coast city dweller and art school graduate) have respect for someone who speaks for our values and opinions. We’re sick of media outlets such as yours telling us what we should think. There ARE caring, intelligent, interesting women and men who think like she does. If she was liberal, she’d be idolized and you know it. If you all were truly liberal, you’d have more open minds and show some fairness.”


“I gave Newsweek several trys with the new format and finally decided I should ask for a subscription refund as the “NEW” Newsweek is not suitable for short factual reads —- only long, detailed opinion. Then the insult to Sarah Palin with your latest cover. Please stop by subscription and refund my money”


Just the Facts

Continuing this week’s coverage of all things Sarah Palin, Greg Marx addressed the AP’s fact-checking of the ex-VP candidate’s memoir in “Straying from the Facts.” The piece provoked dozens of reactions, including some substantive commentary on the ole’ liberal/conservative media bias from frequent antagonists Thimbles and Mark Richard.

“More significant than any fact-checking errors or omissions is the fact that AP put eleven - eleven reporters to work on this titanic event, Sarah Palin’s book. Did eleven AP workers fact-check Barack Obama’s two books in 2008? Any Clinton memoir? Can anyone remember such detailed fact-checking of a political memoir? The meta-event here is that Palin and the conservatives point out the higher standards to which they are held, and a seemingly irony-impaired mainstream media walks right into the trap - with the result that belief in the fairness of MSM product has been significantly and documentably undermined even among people who are not partisans of Sarah Palin….The real story here is the resources that the MSM routinely expends toward making conservatives and Republicans look bad, vs. the lack of same for some eminently eligible liberals and Democrats. Since urban liberalism is the very air that most political journalists breathe, I’ve come to believe that it is so reflexive that these folks aren’t even aware of how they come across to consumers who are not orthodox Democrats.”

–Mark Richard

Sara Germano is an intern at CJR.