“While the emails may show a degree of tribalism, professional bullying, groupthink and possible criminal conspiracies (misreporting grant money and destroying FOIA material), the code is where we might see real evidence of scientific fraud.

“The lack of transparency is what’s key, and journalists have fallen flat on their asses when it comes to demanding it.”
–Mike H

Shut Up, CJR!

After President Obama’s speech on strategy in Afghanistan, CNN convened a small party of media types to analyze his remarks—including, for some reason, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. A reader not-so-subtly slammed CJR for not giving the good doctor his due. for presenting opinion as fact; perhaps the journalistic equivalent of a premature “mission accomplished” speech.

“I am getting a little tired of these CJR reviews. You are doing a disservice to the Columbia name with these trivial, opinion-as-fact articles. Your editorial peculiarities are particularly annoying. Sanjay Gupta was one of the few that taught me something I hadn’t already heard a thousand times, I wonder sometimes if the writers for this site even watch or read what they blog about. I expect a little more diligence from this brand name school.”
–Sherry Winston

Sara Germano is an intern at CJR.