To Greg Marx: I hope CJR is internalizing the obvious here - that people on the Left are very free and easy with accusations of racism, particularly when their political fortunes are in decline. Since this stuff has a nasty history in recent memory (i.e., the disgusting performance of much of the press, led by the unreliable NY Times, in the fetid Duke/lacrosse scandal), I believe that every reporter’s BS detector should go off when left-wing journalists and activists start playing the race card.

Unjustified accusations of racial motive (usually defined in slippery terms) have as scabrous an effect on civic discourse as does racism itself. (Several MSM stalwarts were also humiliatingly taken in by the Kentucky census worker scam, thanks to the same lazy biases, too.) It is good to see CJR approaching this stuff with skeptical scrutiny.

—Mark Richard

While I appreciate you stating the obvious, Mr. Marx, and it needed to be said, I can’t help but feel you just winked at journalists who ask the public to trust them again, and again, and again, etc. You don’t seem terribly concerned about cookie jar raids.


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