Reuters does not have a “Global Note,” but it does provide broader analyses through its bloggers. Salmon joked that he has “a cottage industry in translating things [e.g. financial reports] into English” for his readers. Unfortunately, he said, his posts “live in a bloggy, opinion ghetto.” Reuters privileges hard, “objective” news, so Salmon’s blog posts analyzing and explaining the significance of financial news are generally not displayed on the homepage, which is the domain of (arguably less informative) straight news articles.

Of course, one does not have to be Felix Salmon to explain the significance of financial news. Unless they’re writing primarily for algo-bots, financial journalists would be wise to provide more context in their stories and explain complicated concepts. This would be helpful for general readers, obviously, but it would also be good for professionals, who, Salmon said, don’t always know as much as financial journalists assume. “You’d be amazed how many successful, rich people don’t understand marginal tax rates,” he said. “It’s not just people in Wichita.”

Capital New York and New York Law School have uploaded full video of the panel. You can also view this Storify to see what journalists tweeted about the panel.


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