DB: What’s funny was that during the shoot I was at a friend’s house for dinner and there were two people there that were actually fact checkers from Maxim magazine, which is just really funny considering it’s the magazine I think we’re lampooning. And I was like, “I’m doing a series about this” and they were not impressed. They were not impressed at all. It tells us that this is a little more on the nose than we had thought it was.

PK: I also want to add that every fact checker I’ve ever met since 2007 has seen our short with Bill Murray and has enjoyed it—or at least told me they did. So what I’ve learned is that fact checkers should probably spend more time fact checking and less time watching funny videos on the Internet.

BS: What I’ve learned is that fact checking is hard. When we’re writing these things and we have facts that we want to reference, we have to check them to make sure that they’re true—and it’s hard.

Is there anything else you want to add?

PK: I just want to add that I think today is the seventy-fifth anniversary of women’s suffrage and, you know, we also wanted to give voice to a group whose voice had gone unheard for far too long. These fact checkers, you know, they don’t create anything—they have to interpret, and hopefully we…

DB: Don’t print this, Craig! Don’t print this! [laughing]

Wow, that’s a link I just didn’t expect to get. But the fact checkers feel very maligned right now. They are losing their jobs in droves, so they might actually be thankful for that. Now, do you want to compare yourselves to Rosa Parks, or is that good for now?

All: [laughter]

Correction of the Week

“A capsule summary on Friday directing readers to pictures of ugly creatures at nytimes.com/science left the impression that fish and crustaceans are not part of the animal kingdom. Many of them may be ugly, but they are no less animals.” – The New York Times

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