The New Inquiry is also launching a publishing arm, with its first book set to be released next spring. “I don’t believe it’ll be as substantive as the subscriptions have been for us,” Rosenfelt said. “But it’s more about meeting the demand of people that do subscribe. We’re told all the time that they want New Inquiry in print.” She hopes offering a book series might pave the way for publishing collections of the New Inquiry’s writers’ work in print, without having to issue a regular print edition of the magazine.

Although the New Inquiry is registered as a nonprofit, Rosenfelt doesn’t see it operating as one long term. “I’d like us to be entirely reader-supported, and I think we’ve come very far in proving that’s possible, even without a paywall,” she said. The New Inquiry’s goal “is to be completely without ads, not pandering to grant givers or benefactors, and 100 percent reader-supported.”


Edirin Oputu is an assistant editor at CJR. Follow her on Twitter @EdirinOputu