The challenge now is that Bai’s post about the quote is but a lone item. It will take a persistent approach to debunking to stop making Plouffe queasy. It won’t be easy. Twenty-four hours before Bai’s post was published, The Christian Science Monitor published an article, “Election 101: Ten facts about Jon Huntsman and his presidential campaign.” Fact number four in the online version included the misquote. (The queasy quote was part of fact number seven in print.)

The same day as Bai’s post went live, an artcle in The Daily Telegraph repeated it again:

The White House views Mr Huntsman as one of the most formidable potential opponents in a general election. David Plouffe, Mr Obama’s campaign manager, has stated that running against Mr Huntsman made him feel “a wee bit queasy”.

As of this writing, neither piece has been corrected.

Correction of the Week

The article “Game on in Dickson’s twilight zone” (June 23, p4) incorrectly reported the 2011 Canberra Roleplaying and Games Festival Triptych theme as “immorality.”

The theme was “immortality”. - The Canberra Times

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