I also have the privilege of working with many, many wonderful and talented people. I think in terms of the newsroom I’m an “oldie but goodie.” With fifteen years under my belt the people I work with have become like a second family. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I would sometimes use my lunch hour to take a catnap in the women’s locker room on an old, vinyl couch that someone had put in there. I remember one time I woke with a start because I had been sleeping for about two hours. I raced up to the city desk and asked my co-worker why she hadn’t called me to wake me up. “Things were slow so Deb said to let you sleep,” she said. Thanks, Deb (Goeken)!

I have the privilege of reading most of the letters to the editor and I have been so touched by the kind words that people have written. I’ve been touched to read how long the Rocky has been a part of their lives and how much they will miss the Rocky.

Rocky Mountain News staffers is a contributor to CJR.