Amid the debate over health insurance, it would be great to see an article detailing how each presidential candidate, including President Obama, is insured. We know that Mitt Romney’s wife and Rick Santorum’s daughter have faced severe health issues. Without delving into the details of their illnesses and care, let’s find out how well they were covered. For example, does Santorum’s Senate service give him lifetime coverage under the congressional health plan, and, if so, what are the deductibles, the co-pays and the caps, if any? How has Romneycare in Massachusetts affected Romney’s own family, if at all? And let’s compare the candidates’ coverage to those of, say, three American families in different economic classes.

4. How did China’s millionaires make it?

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal about the prospects for private jet sales in China estimated that China had 3 million people worth over $1 million and 8,000 worth over $30 million. I’d love a story explaining who these people typically are and how they made their money. We know generally that China’s ruling Communist Party is all about political dominance rather than economic orthodoxy, but I suspect I’m not the only one who is otherwise ignorant when it comes to how free markets and entrepreneurship coexist in a country with so much state control and so many state-owned enterprises. It can’t all be about the Communist bosses doling out the spoils to its cronies. Or is it?

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