Bummer. On a lighter note, the “Young & Hungry” column looks at a D.C. steakhouse’s awesome-sounding “butter-poaching” method of meat preparation—which, you’ll be surprised to find, leaves the author with conflicted feelings as to the resulting steak products. The article also features an unforgettable cameo from duck-fat fries. The accompanying “Beerspotter” sidebar – whose Twitter feed seems essential for D.C. living – documents the discovery of a rye ale with a “rich, toasty malt backbone” at Rodman’s on 5100 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

Don’t stop there, though: read ads and support an alt-weekly journalist. The classifieds have the details on some shows by artists you may be surprised to find are still touring and/or alive, including Devo, Public Enemy, and Rob Thomas. It also turns out that there is a Neil Diamond tribute band. Its name? “Super Diamond.” - Kathy Gilsinan

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