The paper prints some online comments weighing in on a blog post from last week about an internal WaPo Style Section dispute over a charticle—which ended with sixty-eight-year-old Style Section assignment editor Henry Allen slugging coworker Manuel Roig-Franzia. One correspondent reveals that: “[N]ewsrooms are tense places and Post editors take a lot of flak from arrogant and unseasoned hires;” another declares that if Henry Allen had hit him, he’d designate his bruise a place on the National Journalism Historic Register. “We should all be lucky enough to be walloped by such talent,” he concludes. (City Paper’s website has a video reenactment of the contretemps here.)

Christine MacDonald’s cover story investigates whether D.C. recyclers’ plastics, glass, and corrugated cardboard actually end up at the dump with coffee grounds and potato peelings. The answer is: sometimes. Because: “In a blur of asses and elbows, workers throw stuff from green containers, black containers, and blue containers in the same truck, creating a jumble of trash and recycling that can never be de-mingled.”

Bummer. On a lighter note, the “Young & Hungry” column looks at a D.C. steakhouse’s awesome-sounding “butter-poaching” method of meat preparation—which, you’ll be surprised to find, leaves the author with conflicted feelings as to the resulting steak products. The article also features an unforgettable cameo from duck-fat fries. The accompanying “Beerspotter” sidebar – whose Twitter feed seems essential for D.C. living – documents the discovery of a rye ale with a “rich, toasty malt backbone” at Rodman’s on 5100 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

Don’t stop there, though: read ads and support an alt-weekly journalist. The classifieds have the details on some shows by artists you may be surprised to find are still touring and/or alive, including Devo, Public Enemy, and Rob Thomas. It also turns out that there is a Neil Diamond tribute band. Its name? “Super Diamond.” - Kathy Gilsinan

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