Then there’s Fox News, which has nothing anywhere on its website related to corrections or reporting errors. “I was thinking they should change their slogan to ‘Fair and Balanced and Never Wrong,’” Follman joked.

This latest batch of data send the clear message that news organizations as a whole are not evolving corrections and accuracy practices to meet the new medium(s).

“Online is where everything has been going and will continue to be going,” Follman said. “It should be the leading edge of this, but it’s very much behind print and broadcast.”

Correction of the Week

“IN Court yesterday, we apologised to Stephen Hesford former MP for West Wirral.

“On 17 October 2009, we published an article entitled ‘MP who took moral stance “was a sex pest”’. The article reported on proceedings before the Employment Tribunal in Liverpool the day before brought against Mr Hesford by a former employee for sexual discrimination.

“The article also stated that a claim for sexual harassment had been made but wrongly implied that Mr Hesford was being accused of personally having sexually harassed his former employee and as such was a hypocrite having resigned a month earlier as a matter of principle as a parliamentary aide to the Attorney General.

“We accepted that there has been no suggestion of any sexual misbehaviour by Mr Hesford and that the proceedings against him were in his capacity as employer.

“We apologised to Mr Hesford and have paid him damages and costs.” Daily Express (U.K.)

Craig Silverman is the editor of and the author of Regret The Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech. He is also the editorial director of and a columnist for the Toronto Star.