On that note, it’s time to share that I won’t be throwing any haymakers or slinging new opinions here on CJR.org. After a little more than three years, this is the final edition of my weekly column. I’m grateful to my editor Justin Peters, who has been wonderful to work with, and a real champion of the column. Mike Hoyt and the other great folks at CJR have also been incredibly supportive and kind. I’ll miss them.

Why is this column ending? Yeah, I guess I buried the lead. I will be taking my work to a new home soon as part of a larger announcement regarding my site, Regret the Error. Watch that URL for the news.

Finally, thanks to all of you who sent feedback and added comments on these columns. You made my work better, and you also did a bang-up job of helping spot my mistakes.


Correction of the Week

In the Thursday edition of The Greenville News, someone added a vulgar word to a wire story inside the Sports section. We are saddened by this and assure everyone that we will deal appropriately with it. We apologize to our readers and the reporter whose name appeared over the story. — The Greenville News

Craig Silverman is the editor of RegretTheError.com and the author of Regret The Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech. He is also the editorial director of OpenFile.ca and a columnist for the Toronto Star.