How some of the major blogs have reacted to the Kerry rumors:

Josh Marshall: Completely ignores it. He’s still writing about WMDs or something, which is, like, so January.

Andrew Sullivan: Writes about it almost non-stop, but mainly to A) make the point (first made circa 1997) that in the age of the internet, gossip spreads really fast (thanks, Andrew) B) speculate about how it could have been started by the GOP, or maybe Kerry’s Dem rivals, or maybe Lucianne Goldberg. Or maybe not. C) assure us he doesn’t care.

Calpundit: Mentions it between posts on the Bush National Guard story to suggest - along with everyone else — that Clark aide Chris Lehane is behind it, and to unapologetically urge the mainstream press to ask Kerry about it. Or is he being ironic? We report, you decide.

Instapundit: Points out that the blogosphere actually beat Drudge to the story. He seems to think that’s a good thing.

Mickey Kaus: Takes the opportunity to show us a 1998 Boston Herald story about a “statuesque blonde” visiting Kerry’s home while Teresa was away. Yowzah! Campaign Desk is shocked, shocked!

Atrios: Mostly ignores it, and links to a National Enquirer story about Bush and a stripper.

Wonkette: Links to the alleged woman’s alleged name. Cute. (And we heard that one, too.)

Zachary Roth

Correction: We originally stated above that Atrios had ignored the Kerry story. In fact, he posted on it on Thursday.

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