As everyone knows by now, bloggers are making their debut at the Democratic National Convention, and Campaign Desk awoke early today eager to read their take on the quadrennial coronation pre-festivities.

Unfortunately, we seemed to be the only ones up early. The Dinner Crew converged on Boston Saturday. “So far, our political adventures have been unworthy to write about, but that will change tonight, in one hour, as we make our way to the official Media Party sponsored by the Boston Globe. 15,000 ranking journalists have been invited, and the alcohol promises to flow freely.” It’s been more than 18 hours since that post. Must have been some party, even by Texas standards.

Credentialed blogger Jamie Kirchick at Off The Fence also apparently hit the party, but not before giving his readers a nice little walking tour of John Kerry’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, complete with photos. (Jamie also posted a series of progressively blurrier snaps from the media bash.)

With good reason, apparently, one of the main gripes of the media in Boston has to do with restroom facilities, as The Command Post’s Alan Nelson reports. Twenty porta-potties for the sodden troops. Uh-oh. Things are not off to a good start.

As a public service, Dave Winer at Convention Bloggers has compiled a handy daily blog summary, complete with current weather conditions in Boston.

And while the rest of the blog world appeared to be sleeping off a wild night, veteran Atrios was at the keyboard, offering thoughts on convention protests. Even he, however, wasn’t feeling 100 percent. But, then again, it wasn’t his head that was hurting.

Susan Q. Stranahan

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