Lights, Camera, Bloggers

Show time, boys and girls. Now that you’ve had your moment in the spotlight, it’s time to earn your keep, er, your credentials. We’re talking bloggers here, of course.

And while some were still counting the number of donut shops in Boston, the arrival of actual news (albeit carefully planned, scripted, and stage-managed news) has sent the keyboardists to their laptops, so we’re finally getting a hint of their perspectives on the Democratic National Convention.

Bill Clinton’s speech last night won raves from Ezra Klein at Pandagon. And Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft had a hard time blogging as she cheered the former president’s remarks.

Kos continues his analysis of the future of the Democratic Party, in light of the influence this year of the independent fundraising by the so-called 527 groups. “It’s obvious the [Democratic National Committee] and the campaign committees will still always exist in some fashion,” writes Kos. “But to what effect?”

The fact that Atrios posted his observations at 2:02 a.m. probably explains the “Fear and Loathing at the Democratic National Convention” style. At least, let’s hope that’s what explains it. Get some sleep.

Josh Marshall finally tore himself away from his laptop at 4 a.m., promising today to swear off the celeb parties and instead visit convention delegates from key states to get a sense of what’s on their minds. (Sounds a lot like actual reporting.)

Finally, Mathew Gross asks what’s surely on the minds of most bloggers at home and at the convention: “[T]he music is still atrocious. Did anyone under the age of 40 have any say in the selection?”

Susan Q. Stranahan

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