Photo Blogs and Skinemax

Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette opens his pages to a small photo exhibit proudly displaying the “circles and chains” of democracy. There’s something happening here as the show begins with a photo of smiling Ukranians celebrating the orange revolution. Next up is the Ukrainian AN-225, the world’s largest plane, delivering election materials to Baghdad. And then the exhibit comes full circle with the iconic photo of the Iraqi woman with the purple stained finger. But Greyhawk the curator isn’t done yet. Three photos of the so-called Cedar Revolution in Lebanon follow the Iraqi election portion. Hoping to add to his work one day, Greyhawk captions the exhibit, “Others will fall.”

For more photo-blogging head over to SueandNoto. Like a typical tequila-thirsty college spring breaker, Susan is currently touring the landlocked countries of central Asia, just north of Afghanistan and sandwiched between Uzbekistan and China. Pretty remote place, but she’s convinced that no matter where she goes, Republicans are tracking her:

Granted, I don’t get a stellar connection here in Tajikistan, but even so, I believe that the GOP has invaded my internets. My repeated attempts to access the Washington Post are all greeted with an error window sternly proclaiming: The Document Contains No Data.

Alright, already!

Krempasky at might be having a more enjoyable morning if he were surfing the net in a country with a totalitarian government. Instead, his computer happily loaded the Washington Post and brought him a story that “set off more than a few alarm bells” with this first paragraph:

President Bush’s decision to recycle the name of a previously rejected federal judgeship nominee shows the White House isn’t ready to work with Democrats on filling bench vacancies, Senate Democrats said Tuesday.

It’s the word “rejected” that sets off Krempasky. He writes, “I’m sure that the majority in the United States Senate that supported the nominees, only to be *denied* the very chance to reject them, might quibble with that characterization.”

The Ace of Spades is also having a bad morning in light the news that, as he puts it, “Senator Ted Stevens Wants to Take Your Skinemax Away.” He warns Stevens, “As Charleton Heston would say: Out of my cold, dead hands, bub.” Besides his own personal enjoyment, Ace doesn’t think the Skinemax crusade is such a good PR move for the Republican Party. The Ace’s magic eight ball says that, “Any party that tries to take away the titty-channels from a red-blooded American man is a party that’s looking to go the way of the Whigs.”

And finally, Chad the Elder at Fraters Libertas posts to let Hugh Hewitt know that someone already owns the patent on his idea of starting up a blog to hold the Minnesota Star Tribune accountable for its purported ideological hackery. That blog, Chad informs us, is the Anti-Strib. With the increased attention from the big-time bloggers, the Anti-Stribber has announced, “We’d better clean up our act a bit.”

He may be reacting with excessive caution. We took a stroll through past posts and it didn’t see anything that would immediately catch Ted Stevens’ eye.

Thomas Lang

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