At The Weekly Standard’s site, Mary Katharine Ham had a longer response, beginning with the observation that “things do no look good” for O’Keefe:

In a caper that sounds straight out of a bad cartoon, O’Keefe apparently sat in the Senate office’s waiting area recording while two friends came in wearing jump suits, tool belts, fluorescent vests, and carrying white hard hats. (Frankly, knowing O’Keefe’s costuming predilections, I would not be surprised if they looked just like the Marios Bros., mustaches and all, but that’s not in the affidavit.)

She adds:

Ideological allies of O’Keefe’s in the media, so far, are united in condemning the behavior the charges allege, which will likely taint the public case he made against ACORN and future investigative attempts by other conservatives.

Still, O’Keefe is not without defenders. At RedState, diarist Common_Cents quotes the FBI press release, then adds:

This just seems pretty fishy to me. Would the guy be that dumb after breaking such a big story on ACORN not knowing that he’d be on the radar of many left wing groups? I guess time will tell, or not. I’m sure he’ll be enemy #1 to prosecute.

And blogger Patterico, after first saying “if [O’Keefe] did do it, there is no defending it,” later weighed in again:

I’m sticking out my neck and declaring that I think this will prove to be a big nothing.

I just don’t believe this guy was wiretapping phones or trying to do so. I really don’t.

It might not even have been an attempt to show how easy it would be to bug phones. Maybe there is another explanation. But I don’t think he was acting in a criminal fashion. I don’t.
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