I wish I could say the same for the effort from SCOTUSblog, whose founder, Akin Gump partner Tom Goldstein, has been developing something of a media profile lately. Goldstein declared two weeks ago that the hearings would be a “complete non-event,” so his decision to host a live-blog seems a little curious. The results are a little curious, too. Goldstein and his co-blogger Kristina Moore offered a minute-by-minute narration of what was being said in the hearing room, interrupted occasionally by interesting analysis or sharp judgments and more often by comments on Al Franken’s note-taking, Chuck Grassley dozing off, and the general pointlessness of the proceedings.

A few direct quotations: “In this meaningless debate, [Sotomayor] is a bit ahead.” “No one here has any idea what’s going on, or cares.” “She’s still going, I think. I kind of dozed off there for a minute.” And my favorite, which came during Sotomayor’s colloquy with Orrin Hatch: “No one without a law degree has a remote clue about what’s going on.” It was my hope, as one of the benighted, non-JD holding people out there, that the accomplished lawyers at SCOTUSblog would help me get my bearings. But after reading through their output for the day, I remained mostly clueless.

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