It’s not terribly surprising that today’s fact-check stories didn’t focus on this issue. The discussion didn’t take up much of the debate. (Oddly, Perry wasn’t asked about his earlier claim that Bernanke’s actions are “almost treasonous.”) And monetary policy is a wonky subject, so readers may not find it immediately salient in the way that that Social Security or global warming are.

But going forward, the campaign press—“fact-checkers” and otherwise—should pay close attention to this issue. Wonky or not, monetary policy is important stuff that affects millions of Americans, and it remains at the center of ongoing debates about how to fix the economy. Part of press’s job in covering the presidential campaign will be reporting where the candidates stand in those debates, and why those stands matter—and that task starts with making sure the candidates are playing straight with the facts.

Greg Marx is a CJR staff writer. Follow him on Twitter @gregamarx.