That historical context is something for outlets to note on their way to grab off-the-record moanings from those Dems aiming their slingshots at Obama and Pelosi. But if there’s one lesson about yesterday’s Gallup poll, it might be this: Whether or not an electoral Armageddon is on the horizon, this is bad news for Democrats that could just get worse, no matter how it’s spun. As Blumenthal concludes:

So while the “unprecedented 10-point lead” reported by Gallup probably exaggerates the Republican lead, any result showing a net Republican advantage on the so-called generic ballot is bad news for Democrats. Bafumi and his colleagues estimated their 50-seat gain for the Republicans assuming a two-point advantage for Republicans on the generic ballot, which they project will widen to a six-point lead by November. If the Republican lead on the generic ballot is already that wide (or close), their projection for the Democrats would worsen.

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Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.