And, on the contentious issue of Israel in the Democratic primary, the report gives detail and clarifies the candidates’ records (if showing some obvious favoritism against the mogul):

In between campaign stops, Meek decried a new mailer that suggests he is a weak supporter of Israel and features pictures of street violence.
“It’s really offensive when someone would stoop so low,” said Meek, who boasts a strong pro-Israel voting record. “I’m at the point where I feel like Mr. Greene has lost all credibility in his arguments.” …”I think I do understand more about Israel than Kendrick Meek,” said Greene, a Palm Beach billionaire and real estate mogul who has never held public office.

It’s well worth a read for an as-we-stand view. But for a rawer and more thorough look at how the primary has played up until today—with discussion of issues such as immigration, Israel, abortion, as well as the usual ads-polls-strategy pap—The Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog should satisfy. (Though, it is laden with some posts only a true junkie could love: “Don’t let the heat at Tampa International fool you. It was downright icy a few moments ago when Bill McCollum and Rick Scott’s paths crossed. Scott walked by McCollum without a word.”)

For live analysis and blogging as results come in today, keep your eye on Naked Politics as well as The St. Petersburg Times’s Buzz blog. If you like your news a little pithier, try following the Times’s Political Editor Adam C. Smith and political reporter Alex Leary on Twitter, as well as the Herald’s Beth Reinhard and Mary Ellen Klas.

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Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.