Instead, two very, very wealthy political neophytes – neither has run for political office before – are essentially using their personal fortunes to try to buy a U.S. Senate seat and a four-year stay at the governor’s mansion.

(Brown also mentioned— check!— Fleiss, Tyson and how Greene made his money, which “certainly sets him apart from most pols.”)

Greene’s and Scott’s “deep pockets” haven’t endeared them to everyone (see, for example, “Political ‘outsiders’ Rick Scott, Jeff Greene are just wealthy opportunists,” by Palm Beach Post staff writer Frank Cerabino or “Big Money Drowns out other voices,” by the St. Petersburg Times editorial board.)

Perhaps more endearing? According to the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog:

After punting on a question about Colombia’s human rights record, Greene told The Miami Herald editorial board today: “I know as much as the average person who reads the newspaper.”

Finally, more on the Fleiss Factor, from the St. Petersburg Times’s Adam C. Smith last week:

What’s most striking [about candidate Greene] is how often I find myself asking him or his campaign handlers questions I never dreamed I’d be asking a statewide candidate in Florida:

When notorious Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss lived with you for a year, were you romantic? No, he said, he was helping out a friend in need.

Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.