Hospital Safety Series

An archive of Trudy Lieberman's recurring series on hospital safety

Here are the links to every entry in Trudy Lieberman’s “Keeping an Eye on Hospital Safety” series, presented in descending order.

09/23/11: Keeping an Eye on Patient Safety, Part IV - Sac Bee catches nursing home lies

07/06/11: Keeping an Eye on Patient Safety, Part III - What we can learn from the Brits

03/10/11: Keeping an Eye on Hospital Safety, Part II - A shout-out to the Columbia Tribune

09/02/10: Keeping an Eye on Hospital Safety - A Laurel to the Las Vegas Sun

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Trudy Lieberman is a longtime contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review. She is the lead writer for The Second Opinion, CJR's healthcare desk, which is part of our United States Project on the coverage of politics and policy. She also blogs for Health News Review. Follow her on Twitter @Trudy_Lieberman. Tags: , ,