Clint: Yeah, and credulously passing on this whole notion that renting space in Northern Va is somehow “better” than being in DC is, well…

Clint: hard to take credulously.

Greg: On that point, see this

Greg: Anyway—one thing in the story that might have been news, but really wasn’t, was the role that Organizing for America might play in “the re-elect.” Or in actually governing.

Clint: Yes! That would be interesting.

Greg: Fortunately, Charles Homans (who did the last CJR cover story on climate change and weathermen) just wrote about that for Washington Monthly

Greg: I’m not sure if it got a SIREN though

Clint: He is an excellent reporter, siren or no.

Clint: One last thing, and I’m guessing we’ll be done here.

Clint: this passage: “Other central figures are likely to be DNC Executive Director Jennifer O’Malley Dillon; her husband, Patrick Dillon, who is deputy White House political director and is likely to bring his extensive gubernatorial contacts to Chicago; Mitch Stewart, executive director of the DNC’s Organizing for America; Jon Carson, national field director of Obama for America; and White House political director Patrick Gaspard.”

Clint: So you are telling me that senior DNC staffers and senior White House political advisors are “likely” to have big parts in the reelection campaign of the incumbent Democratic party?

Greg: Not just big parts — “central” parts.

Clint: Still, I’m a little worried here… This graf is totally unsourced.

Clint: How Game Change-y.

Greg: Yes. An author’s note on sourcing would have been appropriate.

Clint: But perhaps a little self defeating, no?

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Clint Hendler and Greg Marx are staff writers at CJR.