With the story quickly unfolding, and information and misinformation dashing rapidly across Twitter and the blogs, and with everything about Loughner’s motivations still unclear, it might be time to call for a “slow-analysis approach.” There will be time as more facts come to light and more is revealed about the assassin’s motivations for the pundits to stake out their positions. There will be ample room and time to debate the important issue of political rhetoric and its effects—regardless of its role in Saturday’s incident—as well as the security of our elected officials, and significantly, gun control laws in Arizona and throughout the country. But all arguments will better served in the light of day, buoyed by information that is confirmed, static, and undisputed.

On Twitter Saturday, the Times’s LaForge shot out one of the smartest and self-evident 140-characters-or-less messages I saw in the wake of the Arizona shooting.

It’s premature for conclusions about the crime, let alone political motives and the like. Breaking news often surprises.
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Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.