Elsewhere, Dan Balz at The Washington Post writes that McCain’s comeback and win could be part of an anti-anti-incumbency uptick for establishment candidates across tomorrow’s two big primaries, Arizona and Florida. He could republish tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

For a more local perspective, The Arizona Republic’s formidable Dan Nowicki has been documenting the ups-and-downs of the contest at his AZ/DC blog, with a strong focus on both the horse race and the issues—immigration the hottest among them. There is some expert reporting, and Nowicki challenges some of the candidate’s claims (see this story on Hayworth’s backtracking on a recent statement). And if you like that sort of pushback, the Republic’s AZ Fact Check, run in conjunction with 12 News and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State, cribs PolitiFact’s format to rate political claims on a five star scale, five stars being the most true (perhaps because the state is so solidly red, Republican assertions are challenged more frequently than Democrats). And to brush up, Nowicki’s summary of the race for the paper last week is a solid play-by-play primer on a primary he calls a “no-holds-barred race.”

Both locally and nationally, pre-primary day reading on Arizona feels much like post-primary day reading. We have the winner, we know how he won, and already—since April, really—we’ve been contemplating what it means for him.

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Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.