Keith Olbermann directly after press conference on MSNBC:

With the repeated promise that his stimulus program was not only necessary, urgent, but will produce 4 million new jobs… The bipartisanship or lack thereof seemingly the main focus of the reporters in the room. President Obama thus concludes the first news conference as the nation’s 44th president. And yes his answers to two of the first three questions, thorough and eloquent and crafted, were roughly seven minutes long. Each.

Bill O’Reilly, minutes after the press conference, on Fox News:

On a scale of 10 being the best, 1 being the worst, [President Obama] sold [the stimulus] 7.5. Number 1: he was boring. Number 2: He was too long-winded. His first answer was ten minutes long. It was like he was making mini-speeches. You don’t learn a lot from that… If I were at home with a clicker in my hand, a tough hour to get through.

Most Frequently-Used Adjective To Describe Obama’s “Tone:” “Serious” (and its synonyms). Choose your favorite.

New York Times (straight news report): “Mr. Obama’s tone was for the most part serious and businesslike…”

New York Times (“news analysis”): “Authoritative and unsmiling, gloomy rather than inspirational…”

Washington Post: “Somber and focused”

AP (“analysis”): “determined, deadly serious,” “grim-faced leader, rarely smiling or laughing”

Time “a dour and downbeat press conference…”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.