Meanwhile, Michael D. Shear at the Times’s The Caucus blog has a SOTU piece that at least offers something concrete: the behind-the-scenes of how the speech came together. And a look at how Obama’s approach differs from Clinton’s.

Aides said the process began with an extended “download” from the president as he sat in the Oval Office surrounded by his top speechwriter, Jon Favreau; David Axelrod, his senior adviser; and other top White House officials.

Mr. Obama discussed what he wanted to say while Mr. Favreau typed furiously into his laptop computer, capturing not only the president’s broad policy goals but Mr. Obama’s phrasing and tone. … Mr. Clinton would begin practicing the speech more formally, usually in the White House Family Theater, often with a teleprompter. But even during those sessions, Mr. Waldman said the president tended to go off script, offering new phrases that would be incorporated into the speech.

Mr. Obama tends to be more disciplined in the practice sessions, aides said, and tends to adhere more to the written draft.

Not exactly riveting stuff. But I’ll take the “making of” over the “trailer” today.

Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.