Breitbart knows how he is viewed and is now seeking to partner with the very media he maligns—“Stephanopoulos” is at ABC—to give his stories some weight and some legs. He told me he made a similar move when James O’Keefe came to him with a video showing an NPR fundraiser deriding Republicans and bragging that the broadcaster could survive without government funds. Instead of publishing the video first himself, he told O’Keefe to take it to Tucker Carlson’s website The Daily Caller. “My line with James O’Keefe, from the second he came to me, was that my blogs could not have the effect that this story needs to have,” Breitbart told me. “We sought out ubiquity. The strategy was to get the story to as many outlets and to plant as many exclusives with as many competitor news organizations so that they had a vested interest in this controversial storyline.”

His philosophy was that of a true conservative warrior:

“I have a contrarian attitude towards new media that is born from my fifteen years in news aggregation. I’d rather have the narrative that the story had a major impact than have the narrative that the story didn’t have the impact that it could, but the story was purely exclusive to my site. Impact is a far greater factor for me.”

Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.