Funnily enough, Scheiber reports that “one complaint” of “beer-track” reporters is that Obama “seems to prefer the work of the elites” and that he is “unusually solicitous of Times columnist Maureen Dowd when she materializes on the campaign trail,” recalling how Obama “recently sidled up to [Dowd] on the plane and remarked on her snazzy pair of boots.”
The snazzy boots exchange didn’t make it into Dowd’s most recent column, but another coveted “exclusive interaction” did. While the down-home Dowd was “covered in barbecue sauce, somewhere over Texas,” she wrote, candidate Obama “loped down the aisle of the plane to chat with reporters” and called her “MoDowd” (clearly “feeling cocky after 11 straight wins,” in Dowd’s expert insta-psychoanalysis). Later in the column, Dowd referred to Obama’s need to be “petted on his pedestal.”
He’s not the only one.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.