06/25/10: The Docs and the Press - What a little help from their friends will do

06/21/10: More Words of Wisdom from Alan Simpson - Just who are the “lesser people” he had in mind?

06/18/10: A Laurel to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - For keeping the spotlight on the doctors’ shenanigans

06/16/10: Are All Americans Living Longer? - CNBC didn’t ask the right questions

06/14/10: Of Death Panels and Rationing - Don Berwick’s messy confirmation

06/10/10: Sebelius Watch, Part III - Schizophrenia over Medicare Advantage plans

06/08/10: The Small Business Angle, Part II - The Boston Globe discovers the fine print

06/07/10: The Small Business Angle - A gutsy piece from Colorado Public Radio

06/02/10: Another Take on the Times’s Memphis Piece - And the Social Security Connection

06/01/10: What Congress Giveth, It Also Taketh Away - Farewell COBRA extensions?

May 2010

05/27/10: Secrecy at the Deficit Commission - Note to the media: It’s past time for a little sunshine here

05/25/10: William Greider on Social Security - A superb take on Obama’s deficit commission

05/24/10: Good Coverage at USA Today - Some smart takes on problems with health and financial reform

05/05/10: Everyone Knows the Troubles They’ve Seen - The press pays attention to WellPoint

April 2010

04/30/10: More Words of Wisdom from Alan Simpson - Geezers vs. Gen X-ers vs. millenials, etc, etc.

04/28/10: Rick Foster’s Predictions - No bending of the cost curve in his crystal ball

04/26/10: Sebelius Watch, Part II - Will Madame Secretary rule with moral suasion?

04/21/10: The Midnight Ride of George Pataki - Who’s behind the ex-gov’s health repeal crusade?

04/19/10: Merrill Goozner on Tom Friedman - Why health care costs so much

04/16/10: Sebelius Watch - Does the administration want to make seniors wait longer for Medicare?

04/15/10: Bad News for Ben Nelson? - The Cornhusker Kickback still grates on Nebraskans

04/13/10: Finishing The Treatment - The New Republic ends its health care blog

04/12/10: The Devil in the Details, Part VIII - What’s really in store for seniors on Medicare?

04/07/10: The White House vs. the Associated Press - Is talking to the insurance industry off limits?

04/05/10: The Best-Covered News Story, Ever? - Does The New Republic live on Mars?

March 2010

03/30/10: Laurel to Denver’s Westword - For explaining how insurance companies behave

03/30/10: The Devil in the Details, Part VII - Can insurers still dump you when you get sick?

03/26/10: At Last, the Press Discovers the Consumer Story - How will health reform affect you and me?

03/23/10: Bob Reich on the What-It-All Means Question - No paw prints of the Great Society here

03/22/10: A P.S. on WellPoint - Deconstructing the insurer’s grassroots campaign

03/22/10: The Meaning of Those CBO Numbers - Smoke and mirrors and the doctor fix

03/19/10: Social Security’s Code Words - Erskine Bowles takes the stage

03/17/10: Parsing the AP’s Health Care Primer - Its attempt at informing falls short

03/16/10: The President Pushes against Waste, Fraud, and Abuse - But what do those terms really mean?

03/15/10: Is the Past Prologue? - The pedigree of Alan Simpson

03/11/10: Medicare Kicks Out Fox Insurance - And therein lie some lessons for the press

03/10/10: What Was Sebelius Saying? - David Gregory didn’t probe too deeply

03/08/10: Regulating Health Care, Part III - When is an insurance company too small to cover?

03/03/10: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part X - Unintended consequences for low-income workers

03/01/10: The Cost of Living, Part III - Are the docs really going to drop their patients?

February 2010

02/25/10: Takeaway from the Summit - Decoding what was said during yesterday’s health care reform meeting

02/25/10: The Cost of Living, Part II - A shout-out to the San Francisco Chronicle

02/22/10: CJR Holds a Town Hall Meeting - And finds a cross-section of public opinion on health reform

02/22/10: Sebelius Discovers More Rate Increases - And the press finally takes note

02/19/10: The Anthem Saga Revisited - What exactly was the Times trying to tell us?

02/17/10: On the Social Security Battlefront - Reporters and their sources

02/15/10: The Devil in the Details, Part VI - Needed: a health care primer for Fox News

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