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November 2010

11/18/10: Social Security in the Heartland: Jim Bean - What Social Security means to real people

11/16/10: The Education of Congressman-Elect Andy Harris - What does he know about health insurance?

11/12/10: Well, What Do You Know, Sherlock? - The media discover Social Security

11/11/10: The Education of Sen. Bennet - NPR passes along misinformation about Social Security

11/08/10: What Should John Boehner Do? - Kaiser asks the health cognoscenti

11/04/10: The Election Story Not Told - The irony of health reform

11/01/10: Medicare Beat Memo - What the campaign advertising missed

11/01/10: Setting the Record Straight on Campaign Ads - Who’s telling the truth about Medicare?

October 2010

10/26/10: Social Security in Perspective, Part II - A conversation with Alicia Munnell

10/25/10: Social Security in the Heartland: Jennifer Putman - What Social Security means to real people

10/20/10: Health Care and the Massachusetts Governor’s Race - Kudos to WBUR

10/18/10: CBS Story Short but Not So Sweet - Skimpy info in the network’s take on retirement age

10/14/10: A Laurel to the Seattle Times - For investigating the state’s adult care homes

10/11/10: Another CJR Town Hall in the Badger State - Wisconsinites sound off about health reform and Social Security

10/05/10: Unintended Consequence Number 38 - The hospital big boys get bigger, too

10/05/10: Unintended Consequences - What the press should have known about health reform

10/01/10: A CJR Town Hall in the Badger State - Wisconsinites sound off about Russ Feingold

September 2010

09/29/10: Social Security in the Heartland: Laurie Cooper - What Social Security means to real people

09/27/10: Distrust and Health Reform - The public smells a rat

09/23/10: Tracking the Tea Parties - Good work from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

09/16/10: CJR Holds a Town Meeting - Not everyone knows about health reform

09/14/10: A Rate Increase for James Windus - Where is the New York media?

09/14/10: Sebelius Watch, Part V - The war of words with insurers continues

09/10/10: Another Curious Omission - The Fiscal Times and Social Security

09/08/10: Some Curious Omissions - The New Yorker and Social Security

09/02/10: Keeping an Eye on Hospital Safety - A Laurel to the Las Vegas Sun

09/01/10: Social Security in the Heartland: Ronald Eaker - What Social Security means to real people

August 2010

08/26/10: Alan Simpson Does it Again - This time the press pays attention—sort of

08/25/10: CJR Holds a Missouri Town Hall Meeting - Not many are wild about health reform

08/19/10: Those Social Security Code Words Again - The meaning behind the tweaks, privatization, and modest changes

08/17/10: More Codes in the Social Security War - WaPo unravels one and misses another

08/16/10: Social Security in the Heartland: Lonnie Judy - What Social Security means to real people

08/11/10: Food Stamps and Health - Let’s not forget the connection between the two

08/09/10: The Medicare Sales Job Moves Along - More media skepticism needed

08/06/10: Consumer Advice for Retirement Savings - What was the Times trying to tell us?

08/03/10: Social Security in the Heartland: Jennifer Tayabji - What Social Security means to real people

08/02/10: Hurray for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch - For puncturing the secrecy around doctors’ mistakes

July 2010

07/30/10: Sebelius Watch, Part IV - The press falls for the bait

07/28/10: Kudos to The New York Times - For revealing the contradictions in health and financial reform

07/23/10: Paying Attention to Social Security - Two takes from the MSM

07/21/10: The Other Liz - Liz Fowler and the WellPoint connection

07/20/10: Social Security in Perspective - A conversation with Ted Marmor

07/13/10: A Fresh Take on Health Care - Does reform solve the ER problem?

07/08/10: Who Will Tell the People? - Social Security is the third rail for the MSM

07/07/10: The Passing of Dr. Robert Butler - And what he meant for journalists and journalism

June 2010

06/30/10: A Tip of the Hat to The Oregonian - For finding health reform’s forgotten people

06/28/10: Welfare, Entitlements, and Sharron Angle - What sayeth she now?

06/25/10: The Docs and the Press - What a little help from their friends will do

06/21/10: More Words of Wisdom from Alan Simpson - Just who are the “lesser people” he had in mind?

06/18/10: A Laurel to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - For keeping the spotlight on the doctors’ shenanigans

06/16/10: Are All Americans Living Longer? - CNBC didn’t ask the right questions

06/14/10: Of Death Panels and Rationing - Don Berwick’s messy confirmation

06/10/10: Sebelius Watch, Part III - Schizophrenia over Medicare Advantage plans

06/08/10: The Small Business Angle, Part II - The Boston Globe discovers the fine print

06/07/10: The Small Business Angle - A gutsy piece from Colorado Public Radio

06/02/10: Another Take on the Times’s Memphis Piece - And the Social Security Connection

06/01/10: What Congress Giveth, It Also Taketh Away - Farewell COBRA extensions?

May 2010

05/27/10: Secrecy at the Deficit Commission - Note to the media: It’s past time for a little sunshine here

05/25/10: William Greider on Social Security - A superb take on Obama’s deficit commission

05/24/10: Good Coverage at USA Today - Some smart takes on problems with health and financial reform

05/05/10: Everyone Knows the Troubles They’ve Seen - The press pays attention to WellPoint

April 2010

04/30/10: More Words of Wisdom from Alan Simpson - Geezers vs. Gen X-ers vs. millenials, etc, etc.

04/28/10: Rick Foster’s Predictions - No bending of the cost curve in his crystal ball

04/26/10: Sebelius Watch, Part II - Will Madame Secretary rule with moral suasion?

04/21/10: The Midnight Ride of George Pataki - Who’s behind the ex-gov’s health repeal crusade?

04/19/10: Merrill Goozner on Tom Friedman - Why health care costs so much

04/16/10: Sebelius Watch - Does the administration want to make seniors wait longer for Medicare?

04/15/10: Bad News for Ben Nelson? - The Cornhusker Kickback still grates on Nebraskans

04/13/10: Finishing The Treatment - The New Republic ends its health care blog

04/12/10: The Devil in the Details, Part VIII - What’s really in store for seniors on Medicare?

04/07/10: The White House vs. the Associated Press - Is talking to the insurance industry off limits?

04/05/10: The Best-Covered News Story, Ever? - Does The New Republic live on Mars?

March 2010

03/30/10: Laurel to Denver’s Westword - For explaining how insurance companies behave

03/30/10: The Devil in the Details, Part VII - Can insurers still dump you when you get sick?

03/26/10: At Last, the Press Discovers the Consumer Story - How will health reform affect you and me?

03/23/10: Bob Reich on the What-It-All Means Question - No paw prints of the Great Society here

03/22/10: A P.S. on WellPoint - Deconstructing the insurer’s grassroots campaign

03/22/10: The Meaning of Those CBO Numbers - Smoke and mirrors and the doctor fix

03/19/10: Social Security’s Code Words - Erskine Bowles takes the stage

03/17/10: Parsing the AP’s Health Care Primer - Its attempt at informing falls short

03/16/10: The President Pushes against Waste, Fraud, and Abuse - But what do those terms really mean?

03/15/10: Is the Past Prologue? - The pedigree of Alan Simpson

03/11/10: Medicare Kicks Out Fox Insurance - And therein lie some lessons for the press

03/10/10: What Was Sebelius Saying? - David Gregory didn’t probe too deeply

03/08/10: Regulating Health Care, Part III - When is an insurance company too small to cover?

03/03/10: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part X - Unintended consequences for low-income workers

03/01/10: The Cost of Living, Part III - Are the docs really going to drop their patients?

February 2010

02/25/10: Takeaway from the Summit - Decoding what was said during yesterday’s health care reform meeting

02/25/10: The Cost of Living, Part II - A shout-out to the San Francisco Chronicle

02/22/10: CJR Holds a Town Hall Meeting - And finds a cross-section of public opinion on health reform

02/22/10: Sebelius Discovers More Rate Increases - And the press finally takes note

02/19/10: The Anthem Saga Revisited - What exactly was the Times trying to tell us?

02/17/10: On the Social Security Battlefront - Reporters and their sources

02/15/10: The Devil in the Details, Part VI - Needed: a health care primer for Fox News

02/12/10: Regulating Health Care, Part II - Anthem Blue Cross exposes the holes in rate regulation

02/10/10: Health Reform on C-SPAN - Is that really the issue?

02/08/10: Is Health Reform Dead or Alive? - Wanted: a newsmaker to give us the word

02/05/10: The Cost of Living - How cardiologists used the press

02/01/10: Reality Check at the NewsHour - Obama nationalizing health care? Hardly

January 2010

01/28/10: A Path out of the Health Care Mess? - Still no guidance from the president

01/28/10: A Tale of Two Jonathans - Overusing sources and full disclosure—some lessons for the press

01/25/10: The Devil in the Details, Part V - The disabled still must wait for Medicare

01/22/10: Re-examining Massachusetts Health Care - Post-election comments from the MSM miss the boat

01/19/10: Health Care and the Massachusetts Senate Race - What’s bothering folks up there, anyway?

01/15/10: Who Was at the Table? - A clever lobbying tactic from the insurers

01/14/10: Regulating Health Care - Insurers and hospitals in Massachusetts snub the regulators

01/11/10: Stumbling over the Cadillac Plan Tax - Stephanopoulos tries; Romer fumbles

01/11/10: When Does a News Outlet Become a Press Agent? - Ben Nelson and the Fremont (Nebraska) Tribune

01/07/10: Kudos to The Charleston (West Virginia) Gazette - For localizing the great big health reform story

01/04/10: Dust-up at The Washington Post - And new questions about the new news services

01/04/10: Best of 2009: Trudy Lieberman - Lieberman picks her top stories from 2009


December 2009

12/23/09: Setting the Record Straight - The president, the press, and the public option

12/22/09: An Oops at USA Today - Exactly what was Ben Nelson’s position?

12/17/09: The Devil in the Details, Part IV - Who benefits from wellness incentives—an overweight colleague, your boss, insurers, or you?

12/15/09: Covering Joe - Is Lieberman a villain, or just taking care of the folks at home?

12/15/09: A Shout-out to the Associated Press - For exposing a big loophole in the health reform bill

12/14/09: The Next Most Underreported Health Reform Story - What will happen to SCHIP?

12/09/09: The Botox Beat - Using the press to fight a proposed tax on cosmetic surgery

12/08/09: What’s So Public about a Public Plan? - The language says it all

12/07/09: The Most Underreported Health Reform Story - And the senator from Nebraska

12/04/09: The Headlines Tell Us Everything - The Congressional Budget Office weighs in on premiums

12/03/09: Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Cost Controls - What miracle will bring down the price of medical care?

November 2009

11/30/09: The Man in the Middle - What Jeremy Devor’s story tells us about health reform

11/25/09: Missing Persons Redux - Insuring those at the very bottom

11/24/09: The Devil in the Details, Part III - Do the House and Senate bills really count as insurance reform?

11/23/09: Ron Wyden Speaks Out - Straight talk on affordability from Oregon’s senior senator

11/18/09: Laurel to the Missoulian - For telling the human story of health reform

11/16/09: Missing Persons - How will reform affect ordinary folks?

11/13/09: Do Doctors Always Tell the Truth? - No, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

11/11/09: Infant Mortality, Abortion, and WellPoint’s Tonik Policy - It’s dot-connection time for the media

11/10/09: The Doctors and the Disabled - Have the doctors won on fee cuts?

11/10/09: The Disabled and the Doctors - People with disabilities will still have to wait for Medicare

11/05/09: The Price of Medical Services - Is the conversation finally starting?

11/04/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part IX - What does the public say?

11/02/09: The Devil in the Details, Part I - Who can afford health insurance after reform?

October 2009

10/30/09: The Times Misses the Mark - A health care lobbyist puff piece that goes nowhere

10/27/09: Dr. Coca-Cola on Call - The king of Coke teams up with the family docs

10/26/09: Truth Emerges about the Public Option - Who really will be allowed to join?

10/26/09: The Latest News from Massachusetts - Obama comes to talk about energy, not health care

10/22/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part Seventeen - The docs are back for their piece of the pie

10/20/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part VII - Unintended consequences for patients

10/15/09: CJR’s Town Hall Meetings, Part VI - The view from Union Station, Washington D.C.

10/13/09: The Insurers’ Grand Strategy - More well-timed studies to influence the pols and the polls

10/12/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part Sixteen - Fighting a soda tax

10/09/09: WellPoint versus the State of Maine - Forget Olympia Snowe, there’s other news in the north country

10/08/09: The Devil in the Details, Part I - The tug-of-war over penalties for not buying coverage

10/07/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part VII - Unintended consequences for small business

10/02/09: Baucus Watch, Part XVI - What we should have known all along

September 2009

09/30/09: Journalism in the Heartland - A shout out to the Kansas City Star and the Salina (Kan.) Journal

09/29/09: CJR’s Town Hall Meetings: Scranton, Pennsylvania - The view from an Italian festival

09/27/09: Baucus Watch, Part XV - What’s the senator hiding in his bill?

09/25/09: A Dart to Health Affairs - Policy journal jumps in bed with Aetna

09/23/09: Baucus Watch, Part XIV - The senator confronts the affordability question

09/22/09: When a Tax Is a Tax - The New York Times explains

09/21/09: The President versus Stephanopoulos - When is a tax not a tax?

09/20/09: Medical Homes? You’ve Got To Be Kidding - The new health care dialect

09/18/09: Examining the Individual Mandate - The Wall Street Journal takes a hard look in Massachusetts

09/16/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part VI - The canary in the coal mine

09/14/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part Fifteen - The gun owners come out of the woodwork

09/11/09: CJR’s Town Hall Meetings: Columbia, Missouri - The view from Main Street

09/10/09: What Did the President Really Say? - More goals and details and questions to ponder

09/09/09: Baucus Watch, Part XIII - At last, the senator brings forth a plan

09/09/09: Where Have All the Health Reform Goals Gone? - What will Obama articulate tonight?

09/08/09: CJR’s Town Hall Meetings: Honesdale, Pennsylvania - The view from Wal-Mart

09/08/09: Shout-outs to the Kansas City Star and Kaiser News Service - For starting to fill in the blanks on health reform

09/04/09: CJR’s Town Hall Meetings: Columbia, Missouri - The view from the heartland—the patients

09/02/09: The Op-Ed No One Wanted - Canada’s corpse-strewn landscape?

August 2009

08/31/09: CJR’s Town Hall Meetings, Part I - The view from Starbucks at Fifteenth and Third

08/28/09: Laurel to T.R. Reid - For extraordinary clarity in explaining foreign health systems

08/26/09: Ted Kennedy’s Health Care Legacy - Reporting on the lion

08/25/09: Was a Public Plan Ever Really in the Cards? - Did Sebelius speak the truth?

08/24/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part Fourteen - Those clever drug companies

08/18/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Andrew Dillon, who heads Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

08/17/09: Reality Check for the White House - Axelrod’s e-mail raises more questions

08/13/09: Straight Talk, Part I - The end-of-life myth and the real long-term care stories to be told

08/11/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part Thirteen - United Healthcare has a mighty big seat

08/10/09: Health Reform and Obama’s Consumer Protections - Good for consumers, or good for insurers?

08/05/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part V - Finding affordable health insurance

08/04/09: Health Care Homework for the LA Times - How does the Canadian medical system actually work?

08/03/09: Detailing the Details - A few bright spots in the media’s health reform coverage

July 2009

07/31/09: Pelosi, Prevention, and PBS - Is Madame Speaker misinformed?

07/30/09: Shades of Richard Nixon - Is Obama playing defense or offense?

07/28/09: Health Reform Too Boring for Broadcast? - Not at KQED

07/27/09: Baucus Watch, Part XII - The mother’s milk of politics and more

07/24/09: All the President’s Words, Part II - Slogans for change, or a movement for change?

07/22/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part XII - Did the AMA snooker the press?

07/22/09: Sen. Schumer, Meet Louise Russell - What’s this about preventative care saving money?

07/21/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part IV - The new math, or maybe it’s the old

07/20/09: Gregory A+; Sebelius D- - NBC’s David Gregory bores down on Madame Secretary

07/17/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part XI - Center for Medicine in the Public Interest fights against a public plan

07/14/09: Hospital Disconnect - USA Today offers news you can use, but a little more context, please

07/13/09: Health Care in France—and in America - A journalist’s observations

June 2009

06/30/09: Memo to Sen. Barbara Boxer—and Journalists, Too - More skepticism about savings from preventive care, please

06/29/09: Health Care Flashpoints, Part III - Taxing insurance benefits and health care equity

06/24/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Wendell Potter, former head of corporate communications for CIGNA, the country’s fourth-largest insurer

06/23/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part X - We finally hear from the business community

06/22/09: What Journalists Can Learn from Celinda Lake - Wisdom from the Democrats’ wordsmith

06/19/09: Baucus Watch, Part XI - The first glimpse of what he has brought forth

06/16/09: Cost Savings Myopia - Making the numbers fit the script

06/16/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Louise Russell, research professor at Rutgers and an expert on preventative care

06/15/09: Stephanopoulos A-; Sebelius D - George bests the Secretary of Health and Human Services

06/12/09: Health Care Flashpoints, Part II - The individual mandate—when journalism becomes a lobbying tool

06/10/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part III - Rapidly rising medical costs jeopardize the state’s insurance miracle

06/08/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part IX - PhRMA and the AMA join forces with insurers

06/05/09: Postscript on Single Payer - The San Francisco Chronicle offers some respectability

06/02/09: What a Young Reporter Learned from the UAW - Lessons about health care and other matters

06/01/09: Baucus Watch, Part X - Disagreements surface among the Dems

May 2009

05/29/09: What the Heck Do the Senators Mean? - More clues about a public plan

05/22/09: Single-Payer Advocates Finally Get Their Say - Montana papers lead the way

05/21/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Jonathan Oberlander, health policy expert and professor of social medicine and health policy & management at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

05/18/09: Where Will the Money Come From Redux - Maybe not from us, say health care special interests

05/15/09: Where Will the Money Come From? - And who will be left out of health reform?

05/13/09: Baucus Watch, Part IX - The senator ejects single-payer advocates—again

05/12/09: Will Health Care Providers Really Reduce Spending? - The press exhibits some skepticism—but more is needed

05/11/09: What Journalists Can Learn from Frank Luntz - Wisdom from the Republican wordsmith

05/08/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part VII - WellPoint brings forth voices from the grassroots

05/07/09: Memo to Journalists: Move Beyond the Beltway Babble - Men (and women) on the street are foggy about health reform

05/04/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part II - Does an individual mandate work? Depends on who’s talking

April 2009

04/30/09: Baucus Watch, Part VIII - What kind of public plan is the senator talking about?

04/28/09: A Laurel to the Eagle-Tribune - Paper gets Astroturfed and smells a rat

04/24/09: A Dart to the Buffalo News - Paper confuses Medicare Advantage news with insurance marketing tactics

04/22/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - WellPoint brings forth voices from the grassroots

04/14/09: 60 Minutes and The Nation Shine on Health Care - Two good stories that expose health care’s holes

04/13/09: Hiding the Messenger - What’s Lewin’s pedigree anyway?

04/10/09: Laurel to the Tampa Tribune - For adding a fresh dimension to the Medicare Advantage story

04/08/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Marilyn Moon, vice president of the American Institutes for Research and a former trustee of the Medicare system

04/06/09: Obama AWOL on Health Reform? - Times tackles the President’s “light touch”

04/01/09: Sick Around America - What exactly was Frontline trying to say?

March 2009

03/30/09: Some Big Dots to Connect - Which could tell who really will pay for health reform

03/30/09: Baucus Watch, Part VII - Does he or doesn’t he support a public plan?

03/25/09: Insurers Have a New Idea - Is it really for real?

03/25/09: What Are Insurers Up To? - It depends on whose story you read

03/23/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part I - Critical analysis begins to trickle in

03/18/09: Laurel to The Philadelphia Inquirer - For parsing preexisting conditions

03/12/09: Time Offers Half a Loaf - Great health care story—but then what?

03/09/09: The Takeaway from the Health Care Summit - New euphemisms for the press to avoid

03/06/09: Baucus Watch, Part VI - The senator’s thoughts on financing health reform

03/06/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - Single-payer advocates are almost left off the invite list

03/05/09: Explaining COBRA - Let’s have some straight talk from the media

03/03/09: Wanted: More Skepticism at The New York Times - When the word “nonprofit” has a deeper meaning

03/02/09: Adieu, Medicare Advantage? - Another insurer gets in trouble

February 2009

02/27/09: Where’s the Plan? - The media score well on their first-day budget stories

02/25/09: Mandating Health Coverage Makes a Comeback - The President and the man on the street

02/24/09: Divining Obama’s Health Care Budget - Early signals and the need for sharp eyes

02/20/09: Update on Medicare Advantage Plans - The administration’s unfinished business

02/19/09: A Laurel to the AP - For telling us who may not be at the table

02/17/09: The Stimulus Bill and Universal Coverage - The media are AWOL at the first skirmish

02/13/09: Dart to CNN - Who’s fact checking whom?

02/11/09: What the Stimulus Package Holds for Health Care - The devil indeed lurks in the details

02/09/09: Vetting Daschle’s Replacement - And the wisdom of the crowd

02/09/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Timothy Jost, law professor at Washington and Lee University and author of Health Care at Risk: A Critique of the Consumer-Driven Movement

02/06/09: Baucus Watch, Part V - Smoke signals—when exactly will health reform happen?

02/03/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - The hospitals begin to take their seats

02/02/09: Mr. Daschle and His Speaking Fees - What “policy advice” did he give to United Healthcare?

January 2009

01/28/09: Laurel to The Oregonian - Health care miracles that aren’t

01/26/09: COBRA and Health Care Equity - It’s time for the press to connect some dots

01/23/09: Baucus Watch, Part IV - Lobbyists in white hats

01/20/09: Missing Children - The story behind the story on SCHIP

01/16/09: Dart to the Florida Health News Service - Whose side is it on, anyway?

01/14/09: WellPoint Gets in Trouble with Medicare - Journalists should jump on this story ASAP

01/12/09: A Headline Writer Gets Carried Away - A real plan, or a lot of sweet talk from Daschle and his Senate colleagues?

01/08/09: The TV Doc as Surgeon General - Whose interests will Sanjay Gupta promote?

01/07/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - The docs have escaped media scrutiny—so far

01/06/09: A Laurel to the AP - For exposing one of Medicare’s biggest holes

01/05/09: Report from the Tupperware Circuit, Part II - The public vents, the press takes notice


December 2008

12/23/08: Report from the Tupperware Circuit - A laurel to the Marion (Ohio) Star

12/22/08: Health Care Flashpoints - Whither the public plan option?

12/19/08: Who Will Be at the Table? - Special interest groups masquerade as ordinary citizens

12/18/08: Only in America - Insurance for the insured who become uninsured

12/15/08: Did the Press Hear What We Heard? - The media bury some important news on Obama’s health plan

12/09/08: Some Good Health Coverage at Local Papers - Laurels in El Paso, Dayton, and Colorado Springs

12/08/08: Who Will Be at the Table? - What lurks under the insurers’ gesture of friendship?

12/05/08: Conseco Redux - What lessons does the Pennsylvania insurance mess have for health reform?

12/03/08: Baucus Watch, Part III - Montana reporter digs deep into the senator’s white paper

November 2008

11/24/08: Let’s Hear It for Penalizing the Uninsured - The Daily Oklahoman passes along some suggestions

11/20/08: Who Will Be at the Table? - Drug companies eye a large chair

11/18/08: Health Care Lessons From California - Arnold offers his wisdom on reform

11/17/08: Excluded Voices - An interview with Theodore Marmor, public policy and political science professor at Yale and expert on the politics of Medicare

11/13/08: Baucus Watch, Part II - What’s really inside the senator’s health-care white paper?

11/11/08: A Laurel to the Philadelphia Inquirer - And its excellent series showing the plight of the uninsured

11/10/08: Two New Story Lines for Health Care - A march to victory or a rollback of ambitions?

11/06/08: Huckabee on Health, Again - The preacher and his sermon

11/04/08: Baucus Watch - A key senator on health reform holds a listening session

11/03/08: Divining Medicare’s Future - CBS takes a crack at what’s in store for seniors

October 2008

10/30/08: Health Care Rationing Explained - The Syracuse Post-Standard dares to widen the debate

10/27/08: Now Who’s Crafting a Secret Health Plan? - Is Ted Kennedy really proposing socialized medicine?

10/27/08: Paging Dr. Gupta - How CNN’s doc misdiagnosed McCain’s health plan

10/23/08: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tries to Redeem Itself - A better job on health care, but still a ways to go

10/20/08: Who’s Cutting What in Medicare? - A missing campaign issue suddenly surfaces

10/15/08: And Now From the Heartland…. - KOLN/KGIN tries to explain health care

10/14/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part IX - Real people and the candidates’ plans—some conclusions

10/13/08: Let the Crystal-Balling Begin - More red meat needed from the Associated Press

10/08/08: Dissecting the Health Care Debate - What the candidates said and didn’t say

10/07/08: Twelve Questions About Health Care for Tonight’s Debate - There’s more to talk about than taxing benefits

10/06/08: Who Will Do the Best Job on Health Care? - Neither candidate, say 40 percent of the voters. What gives?

10/06/08: Stephanopoulos Snoozes, Public Loses - How about a little help for your viewers, George?

10/03/08: Sarah Palin on Health Care - Media take note: How about a good game of connect-the-dots?

10/03/08: A Sensitive Look at the Uninsured - Health care documentary drives home the financial crisis

10/02/08: A Story That We’d Rather Not See - A cop-out at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

10/01/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part VIII - Glenn Hall represents everything that’s wrong with American health insurance

September 2008

09/24/08: A Laurel to the Columbus Dispatch - A newspaper gets real with real people

09/22/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part VII - Living with Medicare for a long time

09/17/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part VI - Paying out-of-pocket means postponing necessary procedures

09/16/08: McCain Under the Microscope - A major news outlet takes a look at his health plan—finally!

09/11/08: Which Little Piggy Got Left Out? - What Elizabeth Edwards said about John McCain’s health plan

09/10/08: A Laurel To NPR - Strong coverage on health care issues

09/08/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part V - For the Hernandez women, diabetes runs in the family

09/08/08: Bad News, Bad Story - How about some clarity from the AP?

09/03/08: Dissing Elizabeth Edwards - The media miss the real story—her health care message

09/02/08: McCain Surrogates Take To The Press - Shame on the Dallas Morning News

August 2008

08/28/08: Postscript on Harry and Louise - Health reform takeaways from the convention

08/26/08: The Obamas and the Chicago Hospital Controversy - What it really says about health care

08/25/08: Harry and Louise Are Back Again - But the media miss the important subtext

08/25/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part IV - You can’t win for losing when it comes to health care

08/21/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part III - Heart attacks, knee replacement, and sudden unemployment

08/15/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part II - An aging father and his diabetic son

08/15/08: Health Care on the Mississippi - Real people and the candidates’ plans, Part I

08/12/08: Unhealthy Alliances between Hospitals and TV Stations - SPJ award goes to a courageous news director

08/08/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope, Part V - Does he really have a way to control costs?

08/05/08: Are the Dems Wimping Out? - Platform leaves wide open space for the special interests

08/01/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under a Microscope, Part IV - Selling insurance across state lines: cheaper premiums or skimpy benefits?

July 2008

07/29/08: Comparing Ohio and Ontario by the Numbers - The Beacon Journal points to better health stats in Canada

07/25/08: Battle For the Grassroots - Campaign for an American Solution vs. Health Care for America Now

07/24/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope, Part III - How will the sick obtain coverage?

07/18/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope, Part II - Who’s making the medical decisions, anyway?

07/14/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope - Ending employer-based insurance as we know it?

07/11/08: One Step Forward, One Step Back - The AP gets it right on universal coverage, but new code words loom

07/08/08: Where Have All the Doctors Gone? - Finding out would make a good story for the summer lull

07/07/08: Memo To Health Care Reporters - Explain what the terms “national” and “universal” really mean, and what Obama’s plan really does

07/03/08: At Last: A Good, Issue-Driven Health Care Story - The Catholic Courier makes things clear for readers

07/01/08: Please, ABC, Tell Us What This Story Is About - Another Obama flip-flop? Or just a plan that insurers will support?

June 2008

06/27/08: More Questions About Massachusetts Health Care - And some fine coverage from the State House News Service

06/24/08: Grassroots Support for Single Payer - Some in the media find their rallies worthy of coverage

06/19/08: A Tale of Two Visions — For Health Reform - McClatchy newspapers miss the story line

06/17/08: The High Cost of Health Care - Do journalists deserve some of the blame?

06/16/08: On Health Care, a Warning from the States - Big talk of reform dried up in the legislatures

06/12/08: Turning Point: Health Care - He said/she said is bad medicine. Time to dive into analysis

06/09/08: How Not to Cover a Speech - In health care, challenge the bromides

06/04/08: Inside the Insurers’ Bag of Tricks - Two newspapers take a hard look

May 2008

05/27/08: Watch the Democrats, Part II - The Hill’s skeptical story still stands

05/21/08: No More “Socialized Medicine” — Part II - The New York Times gets it right, too

05/19/08: Do Dems Want Health-Care Reform? - Some hedging in the halls of Congress

05/15/08: No More “Socialized Medicine”—at least from the AP - One loaded term down, many to go

05/13/08: Dick Cheney’s Health Care - Good enough for you? Moyers raises the equity question

05/12/08: About Those Holes in Your Health Policy - As campaigns discuss the uninsured, the insured have their own problems

05/08/08: The World’s Best Health Care—Really? - John McCain’s campaign canard

05/01/08: McCain’s Health-Care Muddle - What’s he doing? Don’t ask the media

April 2008

04/30/08: Missing: Single-Payer in Pennsylvania - What David Brancaccio, and the rest of the press, left out

04/25/08: Health Reform and the Single Girl - A fresh take on the candidate’s health care ideas—from Glamour

04/22/08: Memo to McCain: Dems Are Not Calling for Government Health Care - Stephanopoulos tries (unsuccessfully) to set the record straight

04/18/08: McCain’s Quiet Medicare Bombshell - Privatizing Medicare one inch at a time

04/16/08: $17 Million a Day to Influence Congress - Health interests dole out the dough to get their way

04/14/08: The Forgotten Health Issue - Why is no one talking about long-term care?

04/08/08: Globe Dissects McCain’s Health Plan - More questions raised than answered

04/07/08: Hillary’s Bad Facts - How should the press handle a health care stumble?

04/03/08: Looking Under Hillary’s Caps - On health care costs, readers need help with the fine print

04/01/08: Elizabeth Edwards on John McCain’s Health Policy - Someone has to translate

March 2008

03/26/08: A Health Care Conversation Opener - A North Carolina blogger cuts through the chaff

03/25/08: The Missing Genre - How do the candidates’ plans affect ordinary folk?

03/18/08: Good Angle on the Drug Industry - The Washington Post connects some dots

03/17/08: “Socialized Medicine” R.I.P. - Who’s afraid of the big, bad bogeyman?

03/11/08: McCain’s Health-Care Disconnect - Boasting about the U.S. system may not cut it anymore

03/06/08: Dude, Where’s My Health Care? - The AP blows it in a story about insurance for “slackers”

03/03/08: Accuracy in Truth Squading II - The Plain Dealer does it right

February 2008

02/27/08: Teaching vs. Preaching - A glimmer of pedagogy in the Ohio debate: were the media learning?

02/25/08: Accuracy in Truth Squading - KTRK-TV’s truth meter needs recalibration

02/20/08: The Definition of Universal, Again - Ted Kennedy’s take on it

02/20/08: Impressive Coverage at the LA Times - Exposing warts in the health insurance market

02/15/08: Obama’s Lobbyist Line - A “more complicated truth” on campaign contributions

02/08/08: A Cautionary Tale for David Brooks and Others - What, really, was Jim Cooper’s “Clinton Lite?”

02/04/08: Harry and Louise Redux? - The media miss the point

02/01/08: Tax Credits Explained…Finally - The Salt Lake Tribune takes a deeper view

January 2008

01/30/08: A Guide That Isn’t - Too much brevity at the Chronicle

01/23/08: Mitt’s Health Plan, Debunked - Why isn’t the press paying attention?

01/21/08: Health Care: Passing Along the Confusion - The Times unclarifies

01/18/08: Moving the Boundaries - A Pennsylvania paper dares to cover single payer

01/14/08: Health Care: Who Will Be at the Table? - Following the (insurance company) money

01/02/08: Medicare Mystery - Why the conspiracy of silence?


December 2007

12/19/07: Deception in Des Moines - The Register’s Media Watch might want to check the mirror

12/12/07: Huckabee on Health - How about some details, Mike?

12/07/07: A Health Care Mirage - How candidates (and reporters) misuse the word “universal”

November 2007

11/27/07: The New Health-Care Debate - Interview with NPR health policy reporter Julie Rovner

11/27/07: Romney Talks Tough on Health Care - But what’s he really saying?

11/21/07: Rudy’s Unhealthy Stats - Some good reporting holds Giuliani’s phony cancer numbers at bay

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