05/15/09: Where Will the Money Come From? - And who will be left out of health reform?

05/13/09: Baucus Watch, Part IX - The senator ejects single-payer advocates—again

05/12/09: Will Health Care Providers Really Reduce Spending? - The press exhibits some skepticism—but more is needed

05/11/09: What Journalists Can Learn from Frank Luntz - Wisdom from the Republican wordsmith

05/08/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part VII - WellPoint brings forth voices from the grassroots

05/07/09: Memo to Journalists: Move Beyond the Beltway Babble - Men (and women) on the street are foggy about health reform

05/04/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part II - Does an individual mandate work? Depends on who’s talking

April 2009

04/30/09: Baucus Watch, Part VIII - What kind of public plan is the senator talking about?

04/28/09: A Laurel to the Eagle-Tribune - Paper gets Astroturfed and smells a rat

04/24/09: A Dart to the Buffalo News - Paper confuses Medicare Advantage news with insurance marketing tactics

04/22/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - WellPoint brings forth voices from the grassroots

04/14/09: 60 Minutes and The Nation Shine on Health Care - Two good stories that expose health care’s holes

04/13/09: Hiding the Messenger - What’s Lewin’s pedigree anyway?

04/10/09: Laurel to the Tampa Tribune - For adding a fresh dimension to the Medicare Advantage story

04/08/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Marilyn Moon, vice president of the American Institutes for Research and a former trustee of the Medicare system

04/06/09: Obama AWOL on Health Reform? - Times tackles the President’s “light touch”

04/01/09: Sick Around America - What exactly was Frontline trying to say?

March 2009

03/30/09: Some Big Dots to Connect - Which could tell who really will pay for health reform

03/30/09: Baucus Watch, Part VII - Does he or doesn’t he support a public plan?

03/25/09: Insurers Have a New Idea - Is it really for real?

03/25/09: What Are Insurers Up To? - It depends on whose story you read

03/23/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part I - Critical analysis begins to trickle in

03/18/09: Laurel to The Philadelphia Inquirer - For parsing preexisting conditions

03/12/09: Time Offers Half a Loaf - Great health care story—but then what?

03/09/09: The Takeaway from the Health Care Summit - New euphemisms for the press to avoid

03/06/09: Baucus Watch, Part VI - The senator’s thoughts on financing health reform

03/06/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - Single-payer advocates are almost left off the invite list

03/05/09: Explaining COBRA - Let’s have some straight talk from the media

03/03/09: Wanted: More Skepticism at The New York Times - When the word “nonprofit” has a deeper meaning

03/02/09: Adieu, Medicare Advantage? - Another insurer gets in trouble

February 2009

02/27/09: Where’s the Plan? - The media score well on their first-day budget stories

02/25/09: Mandating Health Coverage Makes a Comeback - The President and the man on the street

02/24/09: Divining Obama’s Health Care Budget - Early signals and the need for sharp eyes

02/20/09: Update on Medicare Advantage Plans - The administration’s unfinished business

02/19/09: A Laurel to the AP - For telling us who may not be at the table

02/17/09: The Stimulus Bill and Universal Coverage - The media are AWOL at the first skirmish

02/13/09: Dart to CNN - Who’s fact checking whom?

02/11/09: What the Stimulus Package Holds for Health Care - The devil indeed lurks in the details

02/09/09: Vetting Daschle’s Replacement - And the wisdom of the crowd

02/09/09: Excluded Voices - An interview with Timothy Jost, law professor at Washington and Lee University and author of Health Care at Risk: A Critique of the Consumer-Driven Movement

02/06/09: Baucus Watch, Part V - Smoke signals—when exactly will health reform happen?

02/03/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - The hospitals begin to take their seats

02/02/09: Mr. Daschle and His Speaking Fees - What “policy advice” did he give to United Healthcare?

January 2009

01/28/09: Laurel to The Oregonian - Health care miracles that aren’t

01/26/09: COBRA and Health Care Equity - It’s time for the press to connect some dots

01/23/09: Baucus Watch, Part IV - Lobbyists in white hats

01/20/09: Missing Children - The story behind the story on SCHIP

01/16/09: Dart to the Florida Health News Service - Whose side is it on, anyway?

01/14/09: WellPoint Gets in Trouble with Medicare - Journalists should jump on this story ASAP

01/12/09: A Headline Writer Gets Carried Away - A real plan, or a lot of sweet talk from Daschle and his Senate colleagues?

01/08/09: The TV Doc as Surgeon General - Whose interests will Sanjay Gupta promote?

01/07/09: Who Will Be at the Table? - The docs have escaped media scrutiny—so far

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