01/06/09: A Laurel to the AP - For exposing one of Medicare’s biggest holes

01/05/09: Report from the Tupperware Circuit, Part II - The public vents, the press takes notice


December 2008

12/23/08: Report from the Tupperware Circuit - A laurel to the Marion (Ohio) Star

12/22/08: Health Care Flashpoints - Whither the public plan option?

12/19/08: Who Will Be at the Table? - Special interest groups masquerade as ordinary citizens

12/18/08: Only in America - Insurance for the insured who become uninsured

12/15/08: Did the Press Hear What We Heard? - The media bury some important news on Obama’s health plan

12/09/08: Some Good Health Coverage at Local Papers - Laurels in El Paso, Dayton, and Colorado Springs

12/08/08: Who Will Be at the Table? - What lurks under the insurers’ gesture of friendship?

12/05/08: Conseco Redux - What lessons does the Pennsylvania insurance mess have for health reform?

12/03/08: Baucus Watch, Part III - Montana reporter digs deep into the senator’s white paper

November 2008

11/24/08: Let’s Hear It for Penalizing the Uninsured - The Daily Oklahoman passes along some suggestions

11/20/08: Who Will Be at the Table? - Drug companies eye a large chair

11/18/08: Health Care Lessons From California - Arnold offers his wisdom on reform

11/17/08: Excluded Voices - An interview with Theodore Marmor, public policy and political science professor at Yale and expert on the politics of Medicare

11/13/08: Baucus Watch, Part II - What’s really inside the senator’s health-care white paper?

11/11/08: A Laurel to the Philadelphia Inquirer - And its excellent series showing the plight of the uninsured

11/10/08: Two New Story Lines for Health Care - A march to victory or a rollback of ambitions?

11/06/08: Huckabee on Health, Again - The preacher and his sermon

11/04/08: Baucus Watch - A key senator on health reform holds a listening session

11/03/08: Divining Medicare’s Future - CBS takes a crack at what’s in store for seniors

October 2008

10/30/08: Health Care Rationing Explained - The Syracuse Post-Standard dares to widen the debate

10/27/08: Now Who’s Crafting a Secret Health Plan? - Is Ted Kennedy really proposing socialized medicine?

10/27/08: Paging Dr. Gupta - How CNN’s doc misdiagnosed McCain’s health plan

10/23/08: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tries to Redeem Itself - A better job on health care, but still a ways to go

10/20/08: Who’s Cutting What in Medicare? - A missing campaign issue suddenly surfaces

10/15/08: And Now From the Heartland…. - KOLN/KGIN tries to explain health care

10/14/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part IX - Real people and the candidates’ plans—some conclusions

10/13/08: Let the Crystal-Balling Begin - More red meat needed from the Associated Press

10/08/08: Dissecting the Health Care Debate - What the candidates said and didn’t say

10/07/08: Twelve Questions About Health Care for Tonight’s Debate - There’s more to talk about than taxing benefits

10/06/08: Who Will Do the Best Job on Health Care? - Neither candidate, say 40 percent of the voters. What gives?

10/06/08: Stephanopoulos Snoozes, Public Loses - How about a little help for your viewers, George?

10/03/08: Sarah Palin on Health Care - Media take note: How about a good game of connect-the-dots?

10/03/08: A Sensitive Look at the Uninsured - Health care documentary drives home the financial crisis

10/02/08: A Story That We’d Rather Not See - A cop-out at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

10/01/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part VIII - Glenn Hall represents everything that’s wrong with American health insurance

September 2008

09/24/08: A Laurel to the Columbus Dispatch - A newspaper gets real with real people

09/22/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part VII - Living with Medicare for a long time

09/17/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part VI - Paying out-of-pocket means postponing necessary procedures

09/16/08: McCain Under the Microscope - A major news outlet takes a look at his health plan—finally!

09/11/08: Which Little Piggy Got Left Out? - What Elizabeth Edwards said about John McCain’s health plan

09/10/08: A Laurel To NPR - Strong coverage on health care issues

09/08/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part V - For the Hernandez women, diabetes runs in the family

09/08/08: Bad News, Bad Story - How about some clarity from the AP?

09/03/08: Dissing Elizabeth Edwards - The media miss the real story—her health care message

09/02/08: McCain Surrogates Take To The Press - Shame on the Dallas Morning News

August 2008

08/28/08: Postscript on Harry and Louise - Health reform takeaways from the convention

08/26/08: The Obamas and the Chicago Hospital Controversy - What it really says about health care

08/25/08: Harry and Louise Are Back Again - But the media miss the important subtext

08/25/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part IV - You can’t win for losing when it comes to health care

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