08/21/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part III - Heart attacks, knee replacement, and sudden unemployment

08/15/08: Health Care on the Mississippi, Part II - An aging father and his diabetic son

08/15/08: Health Care on the Mississippi - Real people and the candidates’ plans, Part I

08/12/08: Unhealthy Alliances between Hospitals and TV Stations - SPJ award goes to a courageous news director

08/08/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope, Part V - Does he really have a way to control costs?

08/05/08: Are the Dems Wimping Out? - Platform leaves wide open space for the special interests

08/01/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under a Microscope, Part IV - Selling insurance across state lines: cheaper premiums or skimpy benefits?

July 2008

07/29/08: Comparing Ohio and Ontario by the Numbers - The Beacon Journal points to better health stats in Canada

07/25/08: Battle For the Grassroots - Campaign for an American Solution vs. Health Care for America Now

07/24/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope, Part III - How will the sick obtain coverage?

07/18/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope, Part II - Who’s making the medical decisions, anyway?

07/14/08: McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope - Ending employer-based insurance as we know it?

07/11/08: One Step Forward, One Step Back - The AP gets it right on universal coverage, but new code words loom

07/08/08: Where Have All the Doctors Gone? - Finding out would make a good story for the summer lull

07/07/08: Memo To Health Care Reporters - Explain what the terms “national” and “universal” really mean, and what Obama’s plan really does

07/03/08: At Last: A Good, Issue-Driven Health Care Story - The Catholic Courier makes things clear for readers

07/01/08: Please, ABC, Tell Us What This Story Is About - Another Obama flip-flop? Or just a plan that insurers will support?

June 2008

06/27/08: More Questions About Massachusetts Health Care - And some fine coverage from the State House News Service

06/24/08: Grassroots Support for Single Payer - Some in the media find their rallies worthy of coverage

06/19/08: A Tale of Two Visions — For Health Reform - McClatchy newspapers miss the story line

06/17/08: The High Cost of Health Care - Do journalists deserve some of the blame?

06/16/08: On Health Care, a Warning from the States - Big talk of reform dried up in the legislatures

06/12/08: Turning Point: Health Care - He said/she said is bad medicine. Time to dive into analysis

06/09/08: How Not to Cover a Speech - In health care, challenge the bromides

06/04/08: Inside the Insurers’ Bag of Tricks - Two newspapers take a hard look

May 2008

05/27/08: Watch the Democrats, Part II - The Hill’s skeptical story still stands

05/21/08: No More “Socialized Medicine” — Part II - The New York Times gets it right, too

05/19/08: Do Dems Want Health-Care Reform? - Some hedging in the halls of Congress

05/15/08: No More “Socialized Medicine”—at least from the AP - One loaded term down, many to go

05/13/08: Dick Cheney’s Health Care - Good enough for you? Moyers raises the equity question

05/12/08: About Those Holes in Your Health Policy - As campaigns discuss the uninsured, the insured have their own problems

05/08/08: The World’s Best Health Care—Really? - John McCain’s campaign canard

05/01/08: McCain’s Health-Care Muddle - What’s he doing? Don’t ask the media

April 2008

04/30/08: Missing: Single-Payer in Pennsylvania - What David Brancaccio, and the rest of the press, left out

04/25/08: Health Reform and the Single Girl - A fresh take on the candidate’s health care ideas—from Glamour

04/22/08: Memo to McCain: Dems Are Not Calling for Government Health Care - Stephanopoulos tries (unsuccessfully) to set the record straight

04/18/08: McCain’s Quiet Medicare Bombshell - Privatizing Medicare one inch at a time

04/16/08: $17 Million a Day to Influence Congress - Health interests dole out the dough to get their way

04/14/08: The Forgotten Health Issue - Why is no one talking about long-term care?

04/08/08: Globe Dissects McCain’s Health Plan - More questions raised than answered

04/07/08: Hillary’s Bad Facts - How should the press handle a health care stumble?

04/03/08: Looking Under Hillary’s Caps - On health care costs, readers need help with the fine print

04/01/08: Elizabeth Edwards on John McCain’s Health Policy - Someone has to translate

March 2008

03/26/08: A Health Care Conversation Opener - A North Carolina blogger cuts through the chaff

03/25/08: The Missing Genre - How do the candidates’ plans affect ordinary folk?

03/18/08: Good Angle on the Drug Industry - The Washington Post connects some dots

03/17/08: “Socialized Medicine” R.I.P. - Who’s afraid of the big, bad bogeyman?

03/11/08: McCain’s Health-Care Disconnect - Boasting about the U.S. system may not cut it anymore

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