03/06/08: Dude, Where’s My Health Care? - The AP blows it in a story about insurance for “slackers”

03/03/08: Accuracy in Truth Squading II - The Plain Dealer does it right

February 2008

02/27/08: Teaching vs. Preaching - A glimmer of pedagogy in the Ohio debate: were the media learning?

02/25/08: Accuracy in Truth Squading - KTRK-TV’s truth meter needs recalibration

02/20/08: The Definition of Universal, Again - Ted Kennedy’s take on it

02/20/08: Impressive Coverage at the LA Times - Exposing warts in the health insurance market

02/15/08: Obama’s Lobbyist Line - A “more complicated truth” on campaign contributions

02/08/08: A Cautionary Tale for David Brooks and Others - What, really, was Jim Cooper’s “Clinton Lite?”

02/04/08: Harry and Louise Redux? - The media miss the point

02/01/08: Tax Credits Explained…Finally - The Salt Lake Tribune takes a deeper view

January 2008

01/30/08: A Guide That Isn’t - Too much brevity at the Chronicle

01/23/08: Mitt’s Health Plan, Debunked - Why isn’t the press paying attention?

01/21/08: Health Care: Passing Along the Confusion - The Times unclarifies

01/18/08: Moving the Boundaries - A Pennsylvania paper dares to cover single payer

01/14/08: Health Care: Who Will Be at the Table? - Following the (insurance company) money

01/02/08: Medicare Mystery - Why the conspiracy of silence?


December 2007

12/19/07: Deception in Des Moines - The Register’s Media Watch might want to check the mirror

12/12/07: Huckabee on Health - How about some details, Mike?

12/07/07: A Health Care Mirage - How candidates (and reporters) misuse the word “universal”

November 2007

11/27/07: The New Health-Care Debate - Interview with NPR health policy reporter Julie Rovner

11/27/07: Romney Talks Tough on Health Care - But what’s he really saying?

11/21/07: Rudy’s Unhealthy Stats - Some good reporting holds Giuliani’s phony cancer numbers at bay

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