Politico, meanwhile, already has an “ideas” piece that hurries to take up the question underlying the MSNBC segment, which is perhaps shaping up to be the political stumper du jour. In Gebe Martinez’s words, Republicans “must figure out how to legitimately question Sotomayor’s judicial temperament without looking like they are attacking her on the basis of her gender and ethnic background,” a quandary “the White House, Democrats and Latino leaders are relishing as they all but dare Republicans to oppose the first ever Hispanic appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.” Here’s hoping that coverage of political maneuvering around the diversity angle doesn’t trip over itself in an attempt to jump on the sensationalist bandwagon.

Finally, if anyone worried that hyperbole wouldn’t be a part of day one’s reactions, The Nation comes to the rescue with the headline: “Obama Pick Sonia Sotomayor Reflects America.”

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Jane Kim is a writer in New York.