The New York Times did better at making such distinctions, seeing fit to delineate—in an article about GOP response—that

while conservative activists and some Republican leaders outside the Senate are calling for a strong effort against the nomination, the reaction from some senators — who will actually vote for the nomination — has been notably measured, suggesting that they are not necessarily looking for a fight, barring some revelation in the weeks ahead.

Basic stuff, but it helps sort out demagoguery from more pragmatic (and yes, political) assessments of Sotomayor, and that’s always a good thing.

On the productive front, let’s also get more stuff like this article from the Times, which looks, albeit limitedly, at some of Sotomayor’s past appellate decisions concerning business and speaks with law scholars about them—in the process helping to characterize her actions and tendencies as a judge. After all, while the politics of this nomination are unavoidably prominent, that last is ultimately among the most important sort of coverage the press can provide.

Jane Kim is a writer in New York.