On creating richer ad experiences on the Web: When you see a beautiful ad spread in a magazine, it catches your eye. There’s a richness to that experience. That’s what’s been so difficult for people to replicate online. With larger ad units and more of the interactivity that provides, there’s more of that engagement. Without that richness, you’ll have a wonky ad sitting there and you’re, like, “Why is this thing blinking at me? It’s distracting me.” It doesn’t have to be a distraction. 

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Simon Dumenco is the media columnist at Advertising Age and a contributing editor at Details. He's a veteran of both print (e.g., he was editor of the National Magazine Award-winning media column at New York magazine and consulting executive editor on the launch of O: The Oprah Magazine) and digital (he was founding editorial director of nymag.com and founding editor of Very Short List, etc.).