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August 2012

08/23/12: Review: Dennis Drabelle’s The Great American Railroad War - A How Frank Norris and Ambrose Bierce helped keep a crooked railroad honest - Bill Marx

08/16/12: Review: The Year of the Gadfly - A teenage journalist finds herself in Jennifer Miller’s resonant first novel - Matt B. Weir

08/06/12: Behind Big Oil, the original big business - A review of Steve Coll’s Private Empire - Gloria Dawson

July 2012

07/02/12: Q&A: Confront and Conceal author David Sanger - “There’s nothing ‘childish’ about raising issues of great public import” - Paul Starobin

June 2012

06/29/12: How the US captured the real 9/11 mastermind - Terry McDermott and Josh Meyer go deep inside the hunt for KSM - Jordan Michael Smith

06/28/12: Edward Luce charts America’s decline - Is the United States past its prime? - Daniel Luzer

06/27/12: America’s forgotten war - Historian Troy Bickham revisits the War of 1812 - Jordan Michael Smith

06/04/12: Trashed - Trying to get honest about America’s garbage problem - Daniel Luzer

May 2012

05/23/12: Nonfiction’s ‘meta’ moment - Reviewing an anthology of “writings about the writings” - David Riedel

05/14/12: What it takes to win the White House - A review of Samuel L. Popkin’s The Candidate - Jordan Michael Smith

April 2012

04/19/12: The Authentic Mexican Cookoff - Gustavo Arellano, Rick Bayless, and the media’s quest for purity in ethnic cuisine - Michael Meyer

04/11/12: Farm to Table - Tracie McMillan reports on the American way of eating - David Riedel

March 2012

03/29/12: Taking Tea with Ayn Rand - Gary Weiss explores Objectivism’s influence on contemporary politics - Daniel Luzer

03/07/12: How Vladimir Putin Came to Power - Masha Gessen takes a hard look at the Russian president - Malcolm Forbes

February 2012

02/29/12: Revisiting Henry Luce’s “American Century” - Andrew Bacevich and others revisit the influential essay - Jordan Michael Smith

02/08/12: Remembering the Golden Age of Book Publishing - A review of Richard Seaver’s The Tender Hour of Twilight - Phil Campbell

02/02/12: The Literary Roots of the Gay Revolution - Reviewing Christopher Bram’s Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America - Jordan Michael Smith

December 2011

12/07/11: Hell Yes to Hell No - New book flags ways US targets dissent - Justin D. Martin

November 2011

11/29/11: Q&A: News for All the People Co-Author Juan González - The Daily News columnist talks about race and the media - Ernest R. Sotomayor

11/03/11: A Cook’s Tour with Molly Ivins - A recipe-laden memoir of the columnist’s life and times - Nicola Kean

October 2011

10/26/11: Notes from Underground - The posthumous memoir of an alternative press pioneer - Cid Standifer

10/19/11: A Lifesaver Made of Paper - Rosie Garthwaite shows journos how to stay alive in dangerous places - Kevin Douglas Grant

10/12/11: Defining “Fair Use” for the Digital Age - Aufderheide and Jaszi on how to put the balance back in copyright - David Riedel

10/05/11: A Stranger Everywhere - Ze’ev Rosenkranz traces Albert Einstein’s complicated relationship with Zionism - Jeremy Axelrod

September 2011

09/28/11: Jonathan Raban Takes the Scenic Route - A review of Driving Home, the essayist’s latest collection - Phil Campbell

09/21/11: Failures of Vision - Errol Morris interrogates photography’s place in the public imagination - Michael Meyer

09/16/11: Summer Movie Club: Fletch - Getting the story, one quip at a time - Alysia Santo

09/14/11: Tracing the Roots of Modern Conservatism - Remembering the legacies of Thomas Dewey and Robert Taft - Jordan Michael Smith

09/09/11: Summer Movie Club: Call Northside 777 - Real journalism is too boring for the movies - Brent Cunningham

09/01/11: Summer Movie Club: The Parallax View - Alan J. Pakula’s sober counterpoint to All The President’s Men - Erika Fry

August 2011

08/26/11: Summer Movie Club: Good Night, and Good Luck - What happened to TV news? - Michael Meyer

08/19/11: Summer Movie Club: Newsies - In the words of Christian Bale: “Headlines don’t sell papes; newsies sell papes” - Katia Bachko

08/12/11: Summer Movie Club: Ace in the Hole - What a sixty-year-old noir can tell us about the Murdoch hacking scandal - Ryan Chittum

08/10/11: Searching for D.B. Cooper - Geoffrey Gray joins the hunt for the vanishing bandit - Jordan Michael Smith

July 2011

07/29/11: Summer Movie Club: Almost Famous - Who’s afraid of Rolling Stone? - Liz Cox Barrett

07/22/11: Summer Movie Club: The Big Clock - A murderous publisher’s corporate noir - Clint Hendler

07/15/11: Summer Movie Club: Absence of Malice - When bad journalism kills - Lauren Kirchner

07/08/11: Summer Movie Club: The Year of Living Dangerously - A group of hollow career fetishists and a moralizing dwarf - Joel Meares

07/07/11: Q&A: Sebastian Junger on Tim Hetherington - “The ultimate truth about war is that you are guaranteed to lose your brothers.” - Michael Meyer

07/01/11: Summer Movie Club: Superman - The Man of Steel has better things to do than be a reporter - Michael Meyer

June 2011

06/24/11: Summer Movie Club: The Devil Wears Prada - A light-as-a-model guilty pleasure - Joel Meares

06/07/11: Mad Men: Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test - A travelogue of insanity with the author of Them - Caroline Dworin

May 2011

05/25/11: Memoirs of an Accidental Sportswriter - Robert Lipsyte’s new memoir recounts fifty years on the sports pages - Sam Eifling

05/17/11: Tabloid City and the Contours of Emptiness - Pete Hamill’s new novel explores a city in decline - Jennifer Miller

April 2011

04/20/11: Q&A: Calvin Trillin - “I think journalists make a mistake writing about more than one person at a time” - Michael Meyer

04/13/11: Anatomy of a Journalist - Janet Malcolm dissects a murder trial, and her own profession - Lauren Kirchner

04/06/11: Out of Style - The writers of @FakeAPStylebook transfer Twitter to the printed page - Megan Garber

March 2011

03/31/11: Babel - Robert Lane Greene on why language is always, and never, in decline - Daniel Luzer

03/23/11: We Love the Eighties - David Sirota traces the outsized influence of the “Me Decade” - Jessica Loudis

03/16/11: A Brief History of “Save Darfur” - The Darfur lobby was historic. But was it effective? - Andrew Stobo Sniderman

February 2011

02/17/11: Letter Perfect - Inside Elizabeth Bishop’s forty-year correspondence with The New Yorker - Jeremy Axelrod

02/10/11: Pretty Pictures, Hard Times - A look back at the illustrated magazines of the 1840s - Daniel Luzer

January 2011

01/05/10: The News from Norway - A comprehensive look at the history of the Norwegian American press - Kathy Gilsinan


December 2010

12/22/10: Playing Around - Ian Bogost and colleagues address the advantages and challenges of newsgames - Alyssa Abkowitz

12/20/10: Copy Cat - Marcus Boon turns the culture of copying on its head - Jane Kim

November 2010

11/24/10: Number Cruncher - A new biography vindicates John Atanasoff, a forgotten digital innovator - Lauren Kirchner

October 2010

10/27/10: Waiting for Substance - Davis Guggenheim’s high-profile documentary shortchanges the education debate - LynNell Hancock

10/18/10: Hope Deferred - Roger Hodge on whether Obama will save American liberalism—or bury it - Greg Marx

September 2010

09/30/10: You Don’t Know Jack - An epochal slap-down and the birth of modern media culture - Ryan Grim

09/16/10: Not Dead Yet - Inside The Washington Post’s struggle to save itself - David Gura

August 2010

08/30/10: Universal Blues - James Baldwin’s prose still speaks volumes about race, class, and America - Kimberly Chou

08/12/10: The Write Stuff - Has Yahoo created an AP stylebook for the digital age? - Bill Grueskin

July 2010

07/19/10: Hot Zone - Imtiaz Gul offers a portrait of Pakistan’s volatile frontier - Kathy Gilsinan

June 2010

06/30/10: Celluloid Heroes - Champion jazz critic Gary Giddins turns to the silver screen - Tim Appelo

06/17/10: House of Games - Tom Bissell’s spirited defense of the “digital dollhouse” - Gregory Beyer

May 2010

05/03/10: Behind Bars - Roxana Saberi talks about her Iranian captivity - Nazanin Rafsanjani

April 2010

04/23/10: Flight Path - Have Western journalists given Islamofascism a free ride? - Josh Gohlke

04/15/10: Mind Games - Jack Fuller asks whether neuroscience can explain the crisis in news - Todd Gitlin

04/08/10: Head Case - The artful eccentricity of St. Clair McKelway - Abigail Deustch

March 2010

03/26/10: Texas Tornado - A one-woman show resurrects the late Molly Ivins - Julia M. Klein

03/18/10: Hooking the Big Ones - Matt Labash’s meetings with remarkable men - Toby Warner

February 2010

02/23/10: Remote Control - How Joseph Pulitzer built a media powerhouse—in absentia - Tom Goldstein

January 2010

01/21/10: Character Studies - A new anthology from David Maraniss highlights the human factor - Steve Weinberg

01/13/10: Free At Last? - Lee Bollinger makes an impassioned pitch for press freedoms in the new century - Eve Burton


December 2009

12/10/09: Rebel with a Cause - A new biography depicts Molly Ivins in high definition - Megan Garber

12/02/09: Show and Tell - An enlightening history of the Danish cartoon controversy—minus the cartoons - David Gura

November 2009

11/20/09: Heroes and Villains and Literary Geniuses - An audio conversation with David Hajdu - James Marcus

11/12/09: Bomb Squad - The explosive rise (and final fizzle) of Ramparts - Clint Hendler

11/04/09: Picture Perfect - A DVD reissue of Scandal Sheet is good news indeed - Wendell Jamieson

October 2009

10/01/09: Throw the Rascals In! - Joe Flaherty’s classic account of Mailer and Breslin on the hustings - Jamie Malanowski

September 2009

09/24/09: California Dreaming - An era of “strange quietude” in the Golden State - Toby Warner

09/16/09: Out of Africa - Tracy Kidder on the raw and redemptive odyssey of a Burundian refugee - Gregory Beyer

August 2009

08/27/09: Core Competencies - Alex Jones on why we must maintain the “iron core of news” - Steve Weinberg

July 2009

07/30/09: “Malaise” Maligned - Kevin Mattson looks back at Jimmy Carter’s ill-fated speech - Megan Garber

07/22/09: The Art of Listening - Pete Hamill chats about the joys of A.J. Liebling - James Marcus

07/16/09: A Lapdog in Wolffe’s Clothing - Richard Wolffe’s fawning account of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign - James Kirchick

07/02/09: Pilgrims or Progress? - A Harper’s editor’s stint as a cultural virologist - Jane Kim

June 2009

06/17/09: Where Credit Is Due - A Financial Times reporter explores how a JP Morgan invention spurred the financial crisis - Ryan Chittum

06/10/09: Hand Crafted - Can a return to manual labor fix our ailing economy? - Katia Bachko

06/03/09: With God On Our Side - Reza Aslan redraws the line in the sand - Kathy Gilsinan

May 2009

05/28/09: Polar Distress - Cass Sunstein on the dynamics of extremism - Megan Garber

05/21/09: Channel Surfing in Riyadh - Neil MacFarquhar on the combustible politics and morphing media of the Middle East - Paul McLeary

05/06/09: Harrison Redux - The resurrection of pioneering cultural journalist Hubert Harrison - Scott McLemee

April 2009

04/29/09: High and Outside - The author of Generation Kill chronicles the lost tribes of America - James Marcus

04/15/09: Married to the Military - Opposites attract in ex-stripper Lily Burana’s memoir of army life - Courtney Reimer

04/01/09: Anatomy of a Murder - How journalists dropped the ball on the Columbine massacre - Steve Weinberg

March 2009

03/25/09: Numbers Game - The long, unsavory, and amusing history of the American lottery - Gregory Beyer

03/18/09: MySpace Odyssey - Julia Angwin on the rise of a social-networking leviathan—and its uncertain future - James Marcus

03/04/09: Taming the Bear - Did Ronald Reagan defeat the Soviets—or did Forrest Gump? - Ryan Grim

February 2009

02/25/09: Paper Chase - Former Washington Post editor Downie moves from facts to fictions - Caroline Dworin

02/18/09: The Search for a Happy Ending - Film critic David Thomson gives his London childhood the Hollywood treatment - Michelle Vellucci

02/11/09: The Missing Refrigerator - Essayist Eula Biss steps up the race dialogue - Jane Kim

02/04/09: Two Lives - The bifurcated existence of a Gilded Age celebrity - Elinore Longobardi

January 2009

01/28/09: Wising Up - “Investigative humorist” Henry Alford learns from his elders - Gregory Beyer

01/21/09: Sticks and Stones - David Denby goes toe-to-toe with the scourge of snark - James Marcus

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