Hard Numbers

Some stats and figures on the news industry

41 percent of the US news media workforce who are women

23.3 percent of top-level US news media managers who are women

93 percent of US news companies that have a policy on workplace sexual harassment

79 percent of US news companies that have a specific policy on gender equality

125 reporters, cameramen, and crew that CNN assigned to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April wedding

184 hours that BBC America (which dubbed itself “Home of the Royal Wedding”) devoted to documentaries and TV shows related to the nuptials

65 percent of Americans who said they were “not interested” in the wedding

280 New Yorker cartoon-caption competitions that were held before film critic Roger Ebert won number 281; he had entered 107 times

502,416 unique entrants that were submitted to the contest before Ebert’s win, entering a total of 1,595,506 captions

6 ads that were in the April 18 edition of Tina Brown’s redesigned Newsweek, the only newsweekly whose ad pages were down for the first quarter

19 percent jump in newsstand sales for Brown’s first Newsweek from previous year’s average; sales were also up for the two issues that followed

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The Editors are the staffers of Columbia Journalism Review.