Open Bar

Tom and Jerry's

Tom and Jerry’s
288 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY

Year opened 1993

Distinguishing features A collection of mugs and bowls inscribed “Tom & Jerry” (after the Christmas cocktail, not the ultraviolent cat-and-mouse team). An enormous moose head, which evokes so many queries that staffers have taken to inventing answers.

Who drinks here Local artists and filmmakers, venture capitalists and start-up founders, ad-agency strivers and journalists (version 2.0), plus a smattering of celebrities.

Signature drink Cucumber limeade, with either cucumber gin or cucumber vodka, $9.

On the record A favorite of digital gurus—including the founder of Foursquare—and Twitter stars, this NoHo dive is one of a handful of places in nyc where the Internet goes to drink. Its star was permanently fixed in the firmament when it was featured in episodes of HBO’s new series Girls, the buzziest show of the year.

Off the record And what does Jo Janes, the owner and affable daughter of a Presbyterian minister, have to say about her little pub becoming part of the cultural zeitgeist? “Gawker? What’s that?”

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